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December 24, 2021


Merry Christmas….Santa is coming!

by N@ncy
  1. Glad to report  that despite a
  2. …FULL LOCKDOWN for the second year
  3. in The Netherlands
  4. …Santa will able to visit us!
  5. But he will have to VAX-up. MASK-up
  6. and show his PCR test in last 24 hours!
  7. Reindeers have a special exemption…
  8. They have herd immunity.



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  1. Dec 24 2021

    Merry Christmas Nancy!


  2. Dec 24 2021

    Merry Christmas dear Nancy. Stay safe & healthy xo


  3. Dec 24 2021

    Merry Christmas…Santa is almost in Sydney!!

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    • Dec 25 2021

      Unfortunately he didn’t leave the present we were hoping for…a negative Covid test for one of the boys!

      Mr Books & I are spending our Christmas week in the mountains. Although not exactly as we had planned.

      It was meant to be with the boys and their GF’s, but unfortunately one of them tested positive on Christmas Eve and we are now self-isolating for a week as close contacts, just the two of us. Mr Books & I have both tested negative with a RAT so far. This is the world we live in now!
      Thankfully we had stocked up on enough Christmas food to feed six, so we’ll be eating fancy every meal for the rest of the week!

      Hope your lockdown Christmas was festive with cats and tinsel and lots of good books. Thankfully, I always pack too many books. This year it is a blessing!


      • Dec 26 2021

        Such a strange and unpredictable holiday this turns out to be. I had invited friends for Xmas dinner…unfortunately one came down with cold symptoms and did not want to take the chance of Covid infection etc. Cancelled the festivities and am eating the food I prepared…3 days of boeuf bourguignon and as starter home-made French onion soup! Home in the mountains is the place to be…hope the boys recover soon and you and Mr. B have a great vacation nonetheless. Temp out side 0650 am 26 December is -10 C …feel like -12,8 C in my province of Friesland with wind chill!! We are getting an ice storm this afternoon. The entire nation is in total lockdown and with this weather…nobody is going anywhere. XO and Merry Xmas!


  4. Dec 24 2021

    Merry Christmas!


    • Dec 24 2021

      Don’t forget to hang your stocking on the chimney mantel….and leave milk and cookies for Santa!


  5. Haha! Good to know!



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