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December 23, 2021

#Non-fiction Things I Have Withheld (essays)

by N@ncy


Quick Scan:

  1. The first thing that impressed me was the title:
  2. Things I Have Withheld
  3. This book explores the meanings of silence and the things we cannot say.
  4. There are letters  to James Baldwin and Kenyan writer Binyaranga Wainaina.
  5. But Miller also offers musings on his family’s secrets….


Who is Kei Miller?

  1. He is my selection for #ReadingDiversely
  2. Caribbean literature.
  3. Kei Miller  is a Jamaican poet, essayist, and novelist. (info wikipedia link)
  4. He is currently Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Exeter.



  1. These are high quality essays
  2. …well written and they touch the soul!
  3. Unfortunately only 6 of the 14 essays touched MY soul.
  4. The introduction  is the hook… very personal, powerful.
  5. Miller’s first letter to James Baldwin  was absolutely wonderful!
  6. Second essay: Mr. Brown, Mrs. White  and Ms. Black
  7. highlighted the classism “…on these rocks that we call islands
  8. …that we call home.”
  9. The author shines as a storyteller in the essay that will catch
  10. every reader’s eye The Old Black Woman Who Sat In the Corner
  11. But after the first 6 essays there was less storytelling and more ramblings.
  12. The result is a mish-mash names, observations during Carnival in Kingston
  13. …trips to Kenya  and Ghana Africa and he text drowns in a sea of memories.
  14. Mr Miller tries to bookend the collection in the last essay
  15. …another letter to James Baldwin that was not as good as the first
  16. …but by now my interest was waning.
  17. #GoodRead essays 1-6 then
  18. ….I say try it and see if your like it more than I did.

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