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November 27, 2021


#AusReadingMonth 2021 Cookbook nr 3

by N@ncy

  • Author: Alice Zaslavsky
  • Title: In Praise of  Veg
  • Published: 2020
  • Monthly reading plan
  • #NonFicNov 2021
  • #AusReadingMonth2021 @bronasbooks
  • #AWW 2021



  • In Praise of Veg won the 2021 ABIA (@abia_awards)
  • …for the best non-fiction illustrated book.
  • This award is voted on by members of the publishing industry.
  • The longlist is selected by a group of 250 publishers and book-sellers
  • The winner is decided on by an esteemed panel of experts.


Quick Scan:

  • 50 favorite vegetable varieties, offering 150+ recipes.
  • The book is  filled with countless tips on flavor combinations,
  • rule-of-thumb buying/storing/cooking methods,
  • shortcuts, and veg wisdom from over 50 of the world’s top chefs.
  • Strong point: Very Educational
  • ...and I thought I knew enough about veggies…but I learned so much



  • After reading  Basics to Brillance by Donna Hay….on black paper
  • …this book is a joy to open!
  • The book is 70% reading….and 30% recipes.
  • Weak point: recipes lacked imagination….
  • I had the feeling I’d read these cooking suggestions in other books!
  • I did find some very good tips about storing veggies and herbs
  • …but the recipes were a big disappointment.
  • Strong point:  book is a visual delight!
  • Within the pages of In Praise of Veg, the recipes  are refreshingly grouped
  • …together according to the color of each vegetable.
  • Strong point: book is about vegetables but NOT purely plant-based
  • Ms Zaslavsky says:  “… it is a “plant-forward” source of inspiration.”
  • The premise is… “to start with veg and build a dish around it”.
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  1. Nov 27 2021

    I wonder how a book with uninamginative recipes won this award? Maybe there aren’t very many adult illustrated nonfiction books?


    • Nov 27 2021

      …there is a lot to learn in this book about veggies…not really cooking them!


  2. Nov 29 2021

    This is a book I recommend to customers who are just starting out with vegetarianism, esp teen girls. It’s colourful and as you say, the recipes are simple and easy for someone new to cooking.


    • Nov 29 2021

      This is a very good choice for a ‘vegan newbie’. The book is a visual delight
      and one can dip into a ‘veggie’ sections and discover a world of delicious eating without meat/fowl. Reviewing a cookbook is not easy…it is just the reader’s impression of the book.
      Everybody will have to discover the one that works for them. My ‘go-to’ book is still Rachel Khoo “The Little Paris Kitchen” (2012).


      • Nov 29 2021

        Her quiche Lorraine is a family favourite here too.


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