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November 5, 2021


#Novella nr 2: NovNov – AusReadingMonth 2021

by N@ncy


Quick Scan:

  1. Chapters 1-12  
  2. Introduction characters and backstories
  3. …marriages, childhood, deaths, abandonment.
  4. Chapters 13-16
  5. The tension rises to a boiling point: Gordon (son),
  6. Mother and Levi (Gordon’s lover) are all about to make
  7. a life changing decisions but it
  8. …is unclear to the reader what that will be!
  9. Conflict: should mother just listen to her son’s plans
  10. …or try to stop him from making a grave mistake?
  11. Chapters 17 – 23
  12. The story reaches the climax
  13. ….during Gordon’s 30th birthday dinner celebration.
  14. Chapters 24 – 32
  15. The resolution…each character embarks on their own paths.
  16. ..and perhaps those paths will cross each other in the future
  17. ….at least Nigel Featherstone ends the book on an optimistic note!
  18. Conclusion:
  19. Ending:…feels like the sound of a bell ringing.
  20. #Bravo !!!   Nigel!


  1. Strong point:  Structure – Alternating narrator:
  2. ch 1 Son (Gordon) and  ch 2 Mother (Lynne)…etc
  3. Strong pointThoughts and inner dialogue
  4. 70% of the book is inner dialogue that
  5. raises the emotional level in every scene!
  6. It reveals the truth, the darkness, hopes and dreams
  7. …that are often lost in direct dialogue.
  8. Mother (Lynne) is worried about her son
  9. …but cannot let him notice her concern.
  10. Son (Gordon) feels his heart is torn in half.
  11.  part  for his lover (Levi)  the other part
  12. for his determination to continue with
  13. …the “Year of Living Ridiculously”.


Major theme:  loss, abandonment

  1. In chapter 9 we hear Mother say words that left me puzzled.
  2. Gordon: “Is there anything you need while I’m up the street?
  3. Mother: “No, just make sure you come home.”
  4. Gordon “…of course I’ll come home…”
  5. Mother: “Than that’s all I need.”
  6. As you read Nigel Featherstone  adds layers
  7. with backstories about the characters and their lives.
  8. Only then does this short dialogue between mother and son make sense.



  1. Gordon (Donian, nickname) 29 yr, born 23 October 1981
  2. Levi Greenguard  (Jewish social worker, Gordon’s  lover)
  3. Mother (Lynne)
  4. Eddie (stepfather) – recently deceased
  5. Margie Ardmore (friend of Mother…feels like an aunt for Gordon)
  6. Patric Finn (…just mentioned as mother’s first love)
  7. Minnie and Lenah ( Gordon’s step-sisters)
  8. Ailis Kildare (Lynne’s  mother, from Ireland, died in Hobart 62 yr)
  9. Father – (name?) died 6 months later
  10. Shanie Doyle – G’s childhood friend …followed him from Hobart to Sydney
  11. Delia Canola – Shanie’s fiancée


Best Quote:  chapter 19

  1. “I think birthplace is a matter of DNA.
  2. You can try running from it….
  3. ….but it’s always in you, mapping you out.”



  1. Mother takes a flight from  Hobart, Tasmania to…
  2. Sydney – Gelbe, NSW (inner-city suburb) – Gordon’s appartment
  3. Convict-era cottage on 11 Union Street (polished doorknob) (backstory)
  4. Point Puer (place where Patric Finn made a film)
  5. Battery Point…where Shanie used to live
  6. Battery Point House  – owned by mother Lynne
  7. Gleeson House (1839)  (..the family home Hampton Road, Hobart)
  8. …is about to be sold at an auction…so Mother is visiting her son Gordon.
  9. Sydney apartment (Eddie’s  place at Manly on the Corso)


Title: “I’m Ready Now”

  1. Ch 27 – quote … to bookend the story: 
  2. Mother: “There’s a future in abandonment, so it seems.
  3. I’m ready for it.”
  4. Ch 30 – quote … as Levi leaves he says to Gordon:
  5. “marriage is not out of the question” the future. 
  6. Levi calls for a taxi  and says “Yes, I’m ready now”.
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  1. Nov 5 2021

    I really must get onto the Nigel Featherstone band wagon. He sounds like an interesting writer. I was talking to some publishers and authors this week that popped into the shop to sign copies of their books, and Nigel’s name popped up in the conversation. It’s a sign – I’m ready now too!


    • Nov 6 2021

      I’d start out with the novella “Fall on Me” ( review…on this blog) I read it last year for #AusReadingMonth2020…just to see if you like his writing style.
      I moved on to “I’m Ready Now”…and plan to read “Bodies of Men” that was shortlisted ACT Book of the Year 2020. He has a way of bringing into words an adult love between men…that is very good. His books really do “ring like a bell!”


  2. Nov 30 2021

    I saw this come through Nancy and then got distracted. Nigel had a three-novella deal a few years ago, and I read all three. I’m so glad you liked this. I loved the idea of the “year of living ridiculously”, and I thought he got the tensions in the relationships well.

    It’s great to see it being read on the other side of the world. How did you come across it?


    • Dec 1 2021

      Sue, last year I was looking for a novella and found the wonderful book “Fall On Me (2011) and loved it! My review is on this blog dd. 14 November 2020. I decided this year to keep reading Nigel…and am going to start “Bodies of Men” soon. I love Nigel’s style, insights and his approach to life (people’s relationships). He is a great writer who deserves more attention!


      • Dec 1 2021

        He is, Nancy, and he has another coming out next year I believe. I’m sure you’ll like Bodies of men.

        Liked by 1 person

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