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November 4, 2021


#Novella nr 1: NovNov – AusReadingMonth 2021

by N@ncy



  1. Sometimes I search days for a good book
  2. …and sometimes one just falls into my lap!
  3. I ordered this book a year ago.
  4. This year for #AusReadingMonth I am determined to
  5. sweep through my Kindle TBR and read as many Aussie
  6. authors as I can.
  7. Also this review is ….for #NovNov @746Books



  1. Veritigo is a stunner.
  2. Luke and Anna, thirty-something…. decide on a change.
  3. Worn down by city life they flee to a sleepy village by the coast.
  4. One senses that the change of living area is only nothing more than as escape
  5. for a couple who have difficulty communicating.
  6. The neighbours are strange but authentic.
  7. The problem is the drought.


  1. The book felt like a compact box of chocolates.
  2. I ate the first few bonbons (part 1) and
  3. as I continued to  remove the layers (part 2)  of paper
  4. only to come deeper  (part 3) into an exquisitely crafted novella.


  1. Chocolate and this story are
  2. so addictive that one cannot stop reading/eating it.
  3. this book is unputdownable!”


  1. The last layer was one one the best descriptions I’ve
  2. ever read of a bush fire….incredible!
  3. #MustRead
  4.   …absolutely a “coup de coeur”.
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  1. Nov 4 2021

    Amanda Lohrey won this year’s Miles Franklin award for The Labyrinth – this sounds amazing too.


    • Nov 4 2021

      Well, I definitively have to read her winning book!
      She distills so much emotion into a few sentences
      ….it is absolutely a gift to
      be able to write like this!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nov 5 2021

    Sounds like a great reading experience and well done for doing two challenges in one!

    I keep meaning to ask why you lay out your reviews under a numbered list like this, or is it just how it shows in my blog reader? No need to answer if that’s an impolite question. It’s just unusual and I wondered what was behind it.


    • Nov 5 2021

      I like a minimalist layout…I want to be able to scan quickly to the items in a review I think will interest me. I get lost in reviews with huge paragraphs filled with quotes etc…they distract me. Selecting one BEST QUOTE that reflects the essence of the book is just fine. If the book is smth I want to read….I’ll find the other quotable words myself. I like the language to be concise and to the point. That is why I structure my reviews as I do!
      Thanks for your comments!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nov 7 2021

        Thank you for taking the time to explain. I must get points from you for usually including a quote that sums up the book at the start of my reviews, but minus points on my paragraphs of stuff!

        Liked by 1 person

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