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October 11, 2021


#October 2021 update

by N@ncy



  • 11 October 2021
  • Where have I been for the last 6 weeks?
  • …in the kitchen!!
  • After 6 weeks of cooking, tasting wine and living the high-life
  • I experienced many nights with
  • unrestful sleep and a constant feeling of tension.
  • My head told me if I keep this up…I will gain too much weight.
  • I had to face the facts that living and eating so precariously was not a good plan.
  • Yesterday, 10 October…I survived my first day of NO sugar, bread, dairy
  • (except my coffee creamer) and NO wine.
  • There is an eery feeling of joy this morning knowing I was strong
  • enough to stick to my plan.


  • Discipline has always been one of my strong points and I am determined to
  • follow through with this eating plan until my birthday,
  • when I will enjoy a well-deserved piece of cake!
  • 12 December….if Max Verstappen wins Formule 1 World Championship
  • ….time to break out the champagne and appetizers!
  • Christmas will be a gastronomical celebration with home-made
  • French onion soup and boeuf bourguignon stew (already in the freezer)
  • ….and plenty of delicious wines from France, Australia and South Africa!


  • So today I get back to my reading and make my
  • final list of books for #AusReadingMonth2021
  • hosted by @bronsbooks!
  • As usual I sign off with…
  • #NeedCoffee


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  1. Anonymous
    Oct 11 2021

    You go Girl! You can do it. Succes!

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  2. Anonymous
    Oct 11 2021

    I think we need to start a club. Our mantra will be ” Need Coffee”. LOL.

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  3. tracybham
    Oct 11 2021

    My caffeine of choice is black tea. Hot or cold or in-between.

    I do know how disciplined you are. You can exercise and eat well when you need to. I have never been that disciplined.

    A few months ago I had digestive problems that had worsened and messing up my sleep and my attitude. I knew I needed to lose weight for my health. I decided that Weight Watchers would help me learn how to eat less, eat realistic portions, and balance my input. I have been on it for about 3 months and my digestion has finally calmed down and I feel better. And I am losing weight.

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    • Oct 11 2021

      Tracy, thanks so much for you comment! I haven’t looked into Weight Watchers in years!
      I was one of their faithful members back in the 1970s when I was still in USA. I even got my mother to lose weight with me! Eating A LOT of veggies, and treat myself to one baked potato + a small serving of a chicken stew I made. I divide the stew into small portions and can quickly go from freezer to oven and a warm meal in 40 min! Starting to get back to reading now….I enjoy cooking but once I get started it consumes my hours either researching recipes or standing in front of a hot stove!


      • tracybham
        Oct 12 2021

        Nancy, I too went on Weight Watchers in the 70s. I was never successful at the time. The plan has changed a lot since then, but it takes some time to plan eating. Still, working for me and I feel better, which is important.

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  4. Gosh, I can’t imagine this regime. I can imagine going off one but sugar, bread and dairy are what gets me out of bed every morning, especially coffee. Well, or bread.. Hmm sugar?

    I do tend toward the dramatic! Anyway, I wish you well and I am glad you are feeling better already. But coffee…seriously?!! 🙂

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    • Oct 12 2021

      Laurie, feel the same way…sugar/bread/dairy….but sometimes I just have to break the cycle for a few weeks. I do still enjoy my coffee and make ONE dairy exception…still use coffee creamer!


  5. Oct 12 2021

    I’m with Laurie. I could give up sugar and bread pretty easily, but dairy, no!!
    And an alcohol free month happens once a year for me.
    I try to fast every Monday and once the weather warms up, I consciously eat more salads and smaller portions at dinner time…and feel much better straight away!

    Good luck with your plans 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your list of Australian books.


    • Oct 12 2021

      Giving up bread and sugar is easier than giving up my lovely glass of wine with a well prepared dinner! I feel the need for a pre-dinner Riesling…around 4 pm…but have been very strong not to submit to temptation. Birthday in November and Xmas…then I will break out the grapes and bubbles! I eat 3 salads a day…one for lunch and one before dinner….and one reserved for a moment I NEED to eat. If the salad is ready I devour it. Australian books this year…I hope you will be pleased with my choices. As usual I am starting to read in October so I will have some reviews ready when 01 November arrives!

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      • Oct 12 2021

        I’m hoping to do the same, but Sydney started opening up this week after 107 days of lockdown. After just 2 days I can feel time slipping past too fast!!

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  6. Oct 12 2021

    Brona, Sydney was all over our news this week …..enjoyed seeing the city come alive again! No lockdowns here and life feels somewhat normal again. Only restriction..pubs, cafés have to close at midnight and all bars, restaurants, musea….must check for the QR-code (covid pass proving you’ve been vaccinated) before letting people into the building. If you sit outside…no check necessary. The sun is shining here….you are getting ready for summer…and I am bracing myself for winter. The gas prizes are to skyrocket here, just like in UK. I have my heavy, warm sweaters all ready to wear!



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