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October 11, 2021


#Nobel Prize 2021 A. Gurnah

by N@ncy


  • Historical novel which goes back to the times of the German and later British 
  • colonization of East-Africa, in particularly what is today known Tanzania.
  • Curious about Nobel Prize winner 2021
  • …I selected Gurnah’s newest book.
  • Not impressed…but the book was readable.
  • By the Sea is a book Gurnah is most remembered by.
  • I will read it and see if the author can prove to me
  • …that he is worthy of the Nobel.
  • I don’t always agree with the Swedish committee: 
  • 1929 Thomas Mann – political choice (Germany)
  • 2016 Bob Dylan, really?
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  1. Bob Dylan? I didn’t realize!

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  2. Oct 27 2021

    I bought this the day before the Nobel prize was announced, never having heard of the author before. It might be a long while before I get to it though


    • Oct 28 2021

      I did exactly the same thing…bought the book on the day Nobel was announced.
      It is wel worth reading…not too long…but I expected more from Nobel talent.
      I have the paperback “By The Sea” here on the table (no Kindle available) 245 pg
      First line: “She says she” call later, and sometimes when she says that she does. Rachel.”
      This book was longlisted 2001 Booker Prize and Paradise 1994 was shortlisted for the same prize. Thanks for all your comments!



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