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August 6, 2021

#Non-fiction Has China Won?

by N@ncy



  1. China is on its way to being number 1 superpower in the world.
  2. Forget the US president or Putin
  3. no world leader will have more influence
  4. on the future than Xi Jinping.
  5. America has a strong macho culture
  6. but it is the pragmatic China that is going to win!
  7. Mr. Muhbubani sketches the strategic steps and missteps
  8. that both America and China have made.
  9. The more I read about China….the more I admire
  10. its long-term plans,
  11. Chinese defense rationale (no stockpiles of nuclear weapons)
  12. and a meritocratic government which chooses only best and the brightest.


  1. Ch 3: KM is a Singaporean diplomat with a sense of humor.
  2. Laughing out loud when I read:
  3. ” …the world is genuinely shocked that America has elected a
  4. president who could not pass an Economics 101 undergraduate
  5. exam on international trade.”
  6. Trump presented to China a geopolitical gift b/c his
  7. decisions were erratic with NO long-term strategy.
  8. USA is a rogue superpower
  9. ….and China will become THE world leader!
  10. #MustRead
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