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July 12, 2021


#Paris in July 4 French Films

by N@ncy

My thoughts:

  • What a wonderful love story!
  • Beautiful, meaningful and gracefully funny.
  • Loved it
  • This film is as French as you can have:
  • Parisian cafe, cartoonist, beautiful elderly people and
  • overall aesthetics and manners of every single character.
  • This is the best short-trip to Paris you may have for now.
  • César Awards 2020
  • #CoupDeCoeur
Best Supporting Actress
Fanny Ardant (actress)
Best Original Screenplay
Nicolas Bedos (writer)

My Thoughts:

  • If you don’t like this movie after the first fifteen minutes,
  • you can just as well stop watching.
  • It doesn’t get any better .
  • No ending, no philosophy, no deep moments, nothing.
  • Truly one of the worst French movies
  • I have ever seen!
  • #Awful

My thoughts:

  • A French comedy-drama film that has become the third
  • biggest foreign film and biggest foreign language film of all time.
  • It’s also received rave reviews.
  • The film is beloved the world over but perhaps just a little over-hyped.
  • It’s a good movie but it is clichéd and somewhat simple and unoriginal.
  • César Awards 2012
  • Best Actor (Meilleur acteur) Omar Sy
  • #Entertaining

My thoughts:

  • This is painful to watch.
  • It is a gross and clumsy comedy.
  • A lavish wedding in a 17th Century mansion goes manically awry.
  • The movie aims for humor rather than satire
  • …but misses the target.
  • I expected to laugh with this movie.
  • With such a good press, so many nominations…
  • but the truth is I did not laugh at anything.
  • If you like to watch 1 hr 57 minutes of
  • high-pitched screaming matches….and in French
  • …this is your movie!
  • #WasteOfTime

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  1. Jul 12 2021

    Thanks – will hunt down La belle epoque now!!


  2. Mae Sander
    Jul 13 2021

    I want to see the one with Omar Sy!

    best… mae

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anonymous
    Jul 13 2021

    Thank you for these tips. I loved The Untouchables when I saw it. I will look for La Belle Epoque, sounds good.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jul 17 2021

    La Belle Epoque sounds great! I am going to go looking for that one. I do still need to watch The Intouchables.


    • Jul 17 2021

      Try to choose the moment you would want to relive! (La belle époque)


  5. Jul 18 2021

    Wonderful post! I’d like to see the first two but not sure where to stream them. Will definitely check about them. Have seen the third. Have you watched ‘The Truth’? That’s my Paris in July entry. You’d probably enjoy it. 🙂



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