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July 5, 2021


#Paris In July J’Accuse

by N@ncy

  • Director: Roman Polanski
  • Screenplay: Robert Harris and R. Polanski
  • Released: 2018
  • Award: winner best director 2020 César Awards
  • Award: nominated best film 2020 César Awards
  • Award: winnner best film 2019 Venice Film Festival
  • Award: winner best adapted screenplay 2020 César Awards
  • Trivia: cameo appearance made by the director, Roman Polanski
  • Thoughts: I MUST read Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris
  • #ParisInJuly

  • Wonderful movie that should not be missed!
  • Plot: follows Lieutenant-Colonel Picquart who discovered that
  • the evidence against Dreyfus was falsified.
  • Picquart clashes with the military hierarchy to the point that
  • he was jailed for a year.
  • You can read all about the the Dreyfus Affair on wikipedia page.

  • Strong points:
  • Filming locations in Pairs….Belle Époque brought to life!
  • Beautiful decors: old Paris quartiers – military and tribunal buildings (‘sombre et froid’)
  • Cafés and ‘l’hôtels particuliers’ where ‘la haute société’ meet
  • …and the 19th C costumes!
  • Soundtrack: by the famous French composer Alexandre Desplat,
  • Actor: Jean Dujardin – first French actor to ever win Oscar for best actor 2012.
  • Nominated best actor 2020 Céasar Awards for J’Accuse.
  • Love Jean Dujardin in the role of Picquart…man of principles,
  • straight shouldered, no-nonsense military seeking the truth!
  • Director: Roman Polanski – he said he felt he could relate to Dreyfus
  • through his personal experience as a victim of a
  • flawed justice system.

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  1. Jul 6 2021

    Thanks for telling us about this one. I would really enjoy it, I think. The Dreyfuss affair has always fascinated me.


    • Jul 6 2021

      After watching the movie I finally learned….in more depth…what the role was of the military and government. This is a truely great film. The direction of this film is one of the reasons why as every scene is shot with such precision.
      Nothing but the best for Polanski ..the actors for a large part come from the Comédie Française.


  2. Jul 10 2021

    OH, this sounds good! Going to look out for it!


  3. I’ve not heard of this one. Thank you for sharing it with us.


    • Jul 11 2021

      Thanks, Deb Nance for taking the time to comment on several reviews.
      Yes, this film is a #MustSee!
      I’m watching many French films this month…anything the library has!
      Some are memorable like J’Accuse…others, well in a word chaotic.
      Enjoy your French reading!


  4. Jul 14 2021

    We have some bad weather coming in, and the tour de france is neary finished, so I too am hoping to get in some french movies


    • Jul 14 2021

      The Tour de France …started off with some terrible crashes in Bretagne….now the riders are cruising to the finish, although there are 3 climbs planned for today! It is fun to catch up on some French movies that never seem to make it to steaming Netflix or Amazon Prime. Enjoy French drama or WII movies about Paris and resistance…but they have a quirky feeling for comedy, not always my favorites. Thanks again for hosting…I look forward to it every year…except 2020 when Covid threw me under the “reading bus”. 🙂



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