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June 22, 2021


#Paris In July 2021

by N@ncy
  • Oh, is it July already?
  • Let’s have a glass of wine and
  • think of some things to do for…
  • #ParisInJuly

2018  POSTS:  

..some great French cooking from

…Rachel Khoo’s The Little Paris Kitchen…is the best!

  1. Paris in July Food Journal
  2. Crème du Citron
  3. French Wine
  4. Biscuits Breton
  5. Cocktail: Kir Royale
  6. Cocktail: Soixante-quinze ’75’
  7. Cocktail: What do I do with Campari, Marguerite Duras?
  8. Cocktail: Who Pays the Bartender?
  9. Madeleines
  10. Biography: Berthe Morisot
  11. Quiche Lorraine
  12. List of French Books
  13. Retour à Killybegs – S. Chalandon (2019)
  14. Mousse aux éclats de chocolat (2019)
  15. Je suis fou de toi  (2019) – D. Bona
  16. Le Grand Meaulnes (2019) – Alain-Fournier

Paris in July

  1. Paris in July is a French themed blogging
  2. …experience running from the 1st – 31st July this year.
  3. The aim of the month is to celebrate our French experiences through
  4. actual visits, or through reading, watching, listening,
  5. observing, cooking and eating all things French!
  6. For more instructions how to share your posts go to Thyme for Tea.

  1. There will be no rules or targets …just blog about anything French
  2. …and you can join in! Some ideas might include;
  3. reading a French themed book – fiction or non-fiction,
  4. watching a French movie,
  5. listening to French music,
  6. cooking French food,
  7. experiencing French, art, architecture and travel.
  8. #ParisInJuly

What are my plans for 2021?

  1. Book:  Une ami de la famille by Jean-Marie Laclavetine winner Prix Marguerite Duras 2019
  2. Book:  Âme brisée by Akira Mizubayashi finalist  Prix Jean Giono 2019
  3. BookPaul Morand by Pauline Dreyfus winner Prix Le Goncourt de la biographie 2021.
  4. Book: Henri Micheaux by Jean-Pierre Martin (NF) biography
  5. Book: Charlotte by David Foenkinos winner Prix Prix Goncourt des Lycéens 2014
  6. and winner Prix Renaudot 2014
  7. Book: Le Dossier 113 – E. Gaboriau (classic)
  8. Book: Mélodie – Akira Mizubayashi
  9. Book: Le manuscrit inachevé: Thriller – Franck Thilliez

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  1. Jun 23 2021

    I’m looking forward to the cocktails Nancy!
    Great covers for your three books too – so many Aust covers are busy pretty at the moment – the B&W photos are a welcome relief.


    • Jun 23 2021

      I just started the first book….simple title: Une amie de la famille…but I just discovered how it relates to the story…wow! The French have a certain ‘flair’ in their writing that is unique.
      Cocktail: Kir Royal…so easy with some crème de cassis and white wine. We all have a 1/2 bottle of white wine lingering in the fridge….just add some CdC and voilà! See my link for the drink in the beginning of the blogpost!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jun 27 2021

    So glad you’re joining this year Nancy. Its always fun to see what diversity there is amongst reading lists


    • Jun 28 2021

      Good to be back reading #Paris In July!
      Last year I had to bow out b/c of covid…I just could not concentrate on my reading.
      Happily we are a year further and, at least in The Netherlands, life feels like it is back to normal. Let’s see how long that lasts! I have been reading French again…but after a long year of no french books…it was slow going. I hope it is just like riding a bike…once you learn the basic vocabulary then keep on pedaling. No French cooking for me this year…too many pandemic pounds to loose!


  3. Marianne Maurer
    Jun 28 2021

    I’m looking forward to all the Parisian adventures next month.

    My Paris in July post.


    • Jun 29 2021

      Thank you so much for your comment and link to your blogpost!
      It is just wonderful to escape into Paris…or anything French these days.
      Unfortunately “Les Bleus” were outclassed in European Championship by Switzerland…but wow what a game and HUGE upset!
      Movies: loved your list and would add 2 films I will watch this week: “J’Accuse” (Roman Polanski) and L’Amant (great book by Marguerite Duras)
      Books: Not a fan om Maigret….I’m selecting a modern writer of CF/thrillers Franck Thilliez (see Google)
      Hope to read many of your blogposts in July!


      • Marianne Maurer
        Jun 30 2021

        So true. As I said on my post, it’s lovely to escape anywhere. I would love Amsterdam and Brussels at the moment because that*s where my sons live. But I would take the opportunity to go to Paris, as well. I love that city.
        I’m not much into football, so usually I cheer for the smaller countries. LOL But yes, I guess they all have to wear mourning clothes now. As they do in my country, Germany, since yesterday. Well, there are worse things.
        Thank you for the suggestions. Always lovely to see. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of crime stories overall but we watched the Maigret adaptations with Rowan Atkinson and absolutely loved them. He is the opposite of Mr. Bean. His non-funny films show even more what a fantastic actor he is.

        And I*m looking forward to yours, as well. Thanks.

        Liked by 1 person

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