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June 7, 2021


#CF William Shaw

by N@ncy

The book started out with a very clever “hook”

that keeps the reader guessing!

Subplot ‘birdwatching with young 15 yr girl’ (daughter of copper)

was a too drawn out.

Listening to a Gen Z teenager complain

about her school does not drive the plot at all!

I felt the flashbacks to “The Troubles” in No Ireland

at times broke the flow of the mystery at hand.

All in all a good read….but not great.

I enjoyed Agatha Christie’s “Mrs. Mcginty’s Dead” much more!

She is still #QueenOfMystery!

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  1. tracybham
    Jun 9 2021

    I liked this book a lot but you have some good points. I did enjoy the parts with Cupidi’s daughter, though.


    • Jun 9 2021

      Oh, Tracy, I really did enjoy the book…but you know, sometimes the reading begins to be a chore and that is how I felt with the episodes with the teenager and the North Ireland scenes.
      I was hoping to stay focused on the murder at hand. Trying to decided the next CF….!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I did not want to leave a negative one on your blog….you have so many enthusiastic followers and I am just a CF novice. What do I know? Ha! 🙂


  2. tracybham
    Jun 10 2021

    I always value your opinion on my blog, Nancy, and I think you have a pretty good background in all kinds of fiction, including crime fiction. And, there are always varying opinions about every book and author.


    • Jun 10 2021

      You are too kind…. 🙂 !
      Reading Stacey Abrams book now (shocking info about disenfranchisement…just awful)
      but next CF is Lance-de-Fer, your favorite!!



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