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May 24, 2021


#Poetry Fire Front

by N@ncy

  1. Poetry is personal. Period. End of review!
  2. This anthology of Blak Australian writing is impressive.
  3. I read 53 poems.
  4. about each poet before opening the poem.
  5. Each poem was a gift tied up with a ribbon
  6. …never knew what I was going to get.
  7. 38% of the poems were excellent…
  8. Favorite? It has to be Melanie Mununggurr – Williams
  9. 2018 SLAM champion.
  10. You can enjoy her poem “I Run”… on You Tube.
  11. I was speechless, so beautiful!
  1. I almost forgot to mention the introduction by editor
  2. Alison Whittaker…don’t miss it!
  3. She reveals that poets are holders of the “fire”.
  4. Each poet has his or her own style to let the language “burn”.
  5. Title: Fire Front
  6. — how the fire (poetry) keeps moving responsibly
  7. — with the threat of reckoning….and the offer of restoration.
  8. #MustRead anthology
  9. …you won’t regret it!
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  1. May 24 2021

    I just put this on order at work. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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    • May 24 2021

      Loved it!! Really, amazed the quality of writing despite the hardship and injustice in the lives of some of the older generation indigenous poets. Kevin Gilbert…my goodness what a life story….!

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  2. May 24 2021

    Great to read a collection and find the one that really stands out for you. Thank you for introducing Melanie Mununggurr – Williams, I just listened to and watched her recite ‘I Run’ as you suggested, what a beautiful, empowered work! And you a runner, living in exile…
    Thank you Nancy!

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    • May 24 2021

      Goose bumps….when I listend to Melanie’s poem. Just so impressed by the depth…of her thoughts and the ability to bring pen to paper….and microphone! I am also a huge fan of Jericho Brown (US poet)….again black (blak) writing the pierces the soul. Good to hear from you, Claire!

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      • May 24 2021

        ‘Double Threat’ was awesome too, so powerful. Wow it hits you right there in the heart and all the more powerful for being performed by the poet herself. I’m with you, there are so many wonderful black voices, little known that are so inspirational, I’m always interested in hearing these women’s voices, from all over.

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