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May 23, 2021

#Non-fiction The Betrayal

by N@ncy
  1. Scathing exposé of the ‘bungled actions’
  2. of USA….during the Vietnam War.
  3. The Powers that Be threatened W. Corson with court martial
  4. if he proceeded to publish this book in 1968.
  5. This book brought back many memories.
  6. I was just as stunned as many in USA in 1960s with the
  7. daily reports from Vietnam and the body count
  8. while watching Walter Cronkite CBS evening news.
  9. ….I am speechless…truly speechless.

  1. Ch 1-4 back round information about struggles in Indochina 1950-60s.
  2. Generals Thieu, Ky, Loan.
  3. Remember Gen Loan in the iconic execution photo by Eddie Adams?
  4. Gen. Loan was head of the National Police and made Himmler’s Gestapo look
  5. like the board of overseeres in a Quaker church!
  6. Ch 5 great explanation about the Vietcong
  7. …organization, recruitment, reasons for its success and what to do about it.
  8. The book looses its punch in chapters 6-10
  9. …too many stats that did not interest me.

  1. Corson closes the book with 2 great chapters….
  2. Ch 11- Birdwatching in Vietnam
  3. Visitors such as …congressmen, managers, LBJ’s cronies,
  4. scientists, defense undersecretary…
  5. the author compares them with birds
  6. …vultures, magpies, parrots, dodo, owls, woodpeckers etc.
  7. They all turn war into a spectator sport.
  8. Ch 12 – To Stay, or Not to Stay?
  9. Corson highlights problems and possible remedies.
  10. #MustRead …..
  11. for anyone who still wants to
  12. make sense of the Alice in Wonderland politics of Vietnam.
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