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May 20, 2021

#Non-fiction Bloodlands

by N@ncy

  1. This book is a MEGA disappointment.
  2. …hours and hours of shock and awe during my
  3. bike rides with this #audio book.
  4. Every day when I left the house I kept saying:
  5. “The book will get better….it must because it can’t get worse”!
  6. The author seems for the most part concerned
  7. with the mathematics of the dead…
  8. …the numbers just keep coming.
  9. Where is the analysis? Where is the judgement? Where is the scrutiny?
  10. The book was a waste of time
  11. ….I’d recommend you read the 1960 classic
  12. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by W. Shirer.
  13. …objective in method, sound in judgment, inescapable in its conclusions.

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