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April 22, 2021


#AWW2021 Song of the Crocodile

by N@ncy

The first chapter was wonderful..using the classic rule:
Panorama, zoom in to “Darnmoor, The Gateway to Happiness”….zoom out.
The chapter describing matriarch Margaret Billymil working in the local hospital
was very good. (The book should have just been about Margaret and her life)
Then I lost interest.

Ms. Simpson is a well-known storyteller in Australia.
I found that her objective was to share her tales about her ancestors.

The spirits hover over the town offering advice and support.
But truth be told…I found these passages jolted the flow of the story.

Nardi Simpson created a 3 generational story (Margaret, Celine, Mili)
…but there are no stand-out characters.

If this book were to be made into a film there is no character

the powerful indigenous Australian actress Leah Purcell

…could really get her teeth into.

Last thoughts:

The story is predictable. My interest was waning.

I think this was due to the unbelievable conversations that took place

…became overly sentimental towards the end.


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  1. Apr 24 2021

    I was also unable to get into the language style in this book Nancy – too wordy for my tastes.


  2. Apr 27 2021

    Different styles suit different readers I guess. I loved this book.



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