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April 2, 2021

#Non-fiction Revolusi

by N@ncy


Sadly, this turned out to be a slog.
Van Reybrouck spent 5,5 years researching this book,
and I think he was loath to leave anything out.
500 pages are filled with facts and interviews with
Indonesians who could contribute their memories of life
during colonialism.

But…the engaging interviews are not enough save this book.
Does any editor at publishing house De Bezige Bij own a red pencil?
There were parts that could have been trimmed.
Having said that…this is still a document historians will love
…but the average reader (me) struggled to find real gems of information.
Personally I prefer David van Reybrouck’s book CONGO (available in English!) is WELL worth your reading time.
So, if you are a history buff

this book is just what you’ve been looking for
…when it comes to Indonesia!

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