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February 2, 2021


Well…I’m still here.

by N@ncy


I thought the Election in November 2020 would do me in
…then came the Georgia Senate races (2 democratic candidates in a Red state!)
…then came the insurrection on The Capitol 06 January 2021 (….now we learn it was a planned attack)
…then came the decision to BAN Trump from Twitter
then the  Deutsche Bank cut all ties with Trump and Co. Trump owes them 400 million dollars!
…you have to be really shady if DB doesn’t want you as a client.
…Deutsche Bank makes deals with the devil!
…then came the impeachment.

I am a confessed news junkie and must admit scrolling the twitter page
until  0200 AM has taken its toll.
( …the USA news kicks in….just when I should turn off the lights and go to sleep!
I just could not face another  ‘fake’  video message from Trump  before he leaves The White House and turned off the TV.


Good news?  all the above have kick started SPRING CLEANING…and the house is
starting to sparkle.  I must admit I’ve been very lax with household chores.


I was just getting back to some serious reading after the US  Presidential Election tension
…..then 06 January happened. The Insurrection  in Washington D.C. shook me to my core…and felt like the  moments in history that  will leave haunted:  JFK, MLK, Robert Kennedy assassinations and 9/11 attack.
I could not open a book.


So life goes on…Washington DC  looks like the Green Zone in Baghdad  Iraq
…more troops there than in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan combined.
…Inauguration  Joe Biden happened without any more violence in DC.
…will the Senate convict Donald Trump for insurrection and citing mob violence?
…of course not.
…January was the deadliest month in USA with 90.000 covid deaths. Let that sink in!!                Sometimes I just cannot bear to turn on the news….but I must.
The nation will get through this but the scars are visible.


Here in The Netherlands... the pandemic continues
The FULL lockdown has been extended for another 3 weeks.
The British variant of the virus is in the country….and people are
afraid it will spread exponentially…as it has done in the UK.
Remember…we get have intense ‘lorry traffic’ between UK and NL  as a port of
entry to the EU for goods and foods.


The NL cabinet has placed us in  a curfew (9 pm – 0430 am) 24 Jan – 09 Feb in an effort to
further cut down on contacts between people and so reduce the spread of the virus.
This is the first time this draconian rule has been implemented since WW II  1945!                                We will hear tomorrow if the curfew will be extended beyond 10 February.                                            Our health guru Jaap van Dissel wants to limit social contacts
given that half the infections with a known source
happen within a household and 36% derive from visits.


So that is just  life in a nutshell. I did manage to   read 5 books in January:

  1. Girl, Woman, Other –  Bernardine Evaristo  – REVIEW
  2. Heads of Colored People – Nafissa Thompson-Spires  (12 short stories)  REVIEW
  3. A Black Women’s  History of the United States – Daina Ramey Berry  REVIEW
  4. AI  Superpowers – Kai-Fu Lee – Excellent!  5 star
  5. Society 4.0 – B. de Wit – Review


...but I hope to  get back to regular postings….soon.

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  1. And that’s why I must stay news-free for now.


    • Feb 2 2021

      I must watch the impeachment trial.
      I want to see the Republican senators acquit Trump
      …..and convict themselves!
      They will show us that they cannot live up to their oath of office
      …and prefer to cling to a seditious leader and perceived self-advantage.
      I rest my case.


  2. Feb 3 2021

    It’s lovely to see you back. Sorry to hear you’re still in strict lockdown though.
    I have eased right back on the news too, just basic headlines, although I did watch part of Biden’s inauguration – Mr Books & I both woke in the middle of the night, with some fears that maybe it might have all gone pear-shaped, relieved to see that it all went smoothly. Went back to sleep feeling like the world had settled back into some kind of normalcy (whatever that is) again.
    Our Christmas scare with Covid has been stomped on. NSW has now been community transmission covid-free for nearly 3 weeks (we still get cases from returning international travellers, but they all go straight into two weeks quarantine). Have been trying to write another Covid Chronicles, but we’ve been spending a lot of time in our house in the mountains instead.


    • Feb 6 2021

      Brona, thanks so much for “catching-up” with news from Australia.
      We are still in the grip of the pandemic, a British variant and I expect extension of the lockdown and curfew. One more thing to add to the mix…tonight we will be hit by a polar vortex with temps well below zero all day (night/day time)…huge snowstorm tomorrow with high winds and snow drifts. So just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse….it did.


      • Feb 6 2021

        Good grief!! At least that makes it easy to stay inside.
        Stay safe Nancy & stay warm.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. tracybham
    Feb 5 2021

    Good to see you back, even if briefly. I am reading the LA Times in print (and some newsletters from LA Times, Washington Post, and NY Times) but trying to avoid too much overload and skimming the surface only.

    Los Angeles County has the worst covid-19 numbers in the US, although in Santa Barbara it is not so bad, but LA is close enough to worry about. But the restrictions in California have been lessened recently, which I don’t understand. I don’t even want to go to the grocery store but we do once a week because we never navigated how to get groceries delivered.

    On the positive side, it is such a relief to have a President and Vice President that we can be proud of, even if things are not going perfectly. And the paper is not full of Trump.


    • Feb 6 2021

      Tracy….I repeat what I just said to Brona:
      …thanks for “catching-up” with news from California.
      We are still in the grip of the pandemic, a British variant and I expect extension of the lockdown and curfew (9pm-0430am). One more thing to add to the mix…tonight we will be hit by a polar vortex with temps well below zero all day (night/day time)…huge snowstorm tomorrow with high winds and snow drifts. So just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse….it did. I continue to follow the news in USA. Next week Trump will be acquitted in the Senate Impeachment trial. When the senators acquit Trump …they will convict themselves. They will not put country (rep party) over the politics by clinging to a seditious ex-leader for perceived self advantage. Shameful…. Trump will gleefully SEIZE this headline and pivot to his future rehabilitation in the public eye…and start his or his acolyte’s presidential campaign 2024. It is sad, but true. My only hope is that Trump is smacked with some criminal (civil) law suits and that will keep him too busy for politics, but that is just a fantasy of mine!


  4. Feb 6 2021

    We are now in CODE RED which means extreme weather…take action b/c this will have a huge impact on normal life and transport in The Netherlands. The last time code red was issued for the entire country was on 13 februari 2012! Yikes!



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