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December 19, 2020


#Non-fiction Body Count

by N@ncy

  • Title: Body Count
  • Author: Paddy Manning
  • Genre: non-fiction  (pg 292)  (end notes pg 293-323)
  • Published: 2020
  • Trivia: Shortlist Victorian Premier’s Literary Award 2021
  • Trivia: Shortlist Walkley Award 2020



  1. Suddenly, when Australia  caught fire,
  2. …people realized what the government has not:
  3. that climate change is killing us.


Strong point:

  1. Prologue:   The Black Summer
  2. Very good  introduction (hook) describing the
  3. story about  Dick Lang and his son Clayton.
  4. trapped in bushfires on Kangaroo Island.
  5. I’ve added this link to so you can see some
  6. “before and after” foto’s
  7. Before and after fotos Kangaroo Island



  1. Unfortunately the rest of the book
  2. did not live up  to my expectations.
  3. I hoped to learn much more about the “Black Summer”
  4. fires in Australia (Dec 2019-Jan 2020).
  5. Instead Mr Manning has given me  his analysis
  6. of articles  (2009 – 2020) found on websites of the
  7. The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald,
  8. medical journals, inquiries, inquests
  9. …and royal commission reports.


  1. The author highlights topics starting with Black Saturday
  2. February 7 2009 and continues to  describe
  3. the affect of heat, flood, disease, poor air quality,
  4. drought and heat waves  have on Australians.
  5. That is a lot to process in just  292 pages.
  6. Mr Manning is  good at giving the
  7. reader the broad ‘climate challenge’ picture
  8. but expected more depth about the most current
  9. disaster Black Summer 2019-2020.


Last thoughts:

  1. So my score for this book (2 stars)
  2. …is purely based on my opinion:
  3. what I wanted and what I got.
  4. It’s hard to dislike this book because
  5. it is an important topic:
  6. how climate change is injuring human health,
  7. but in my case it is even harder to defend it.
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  1. Dec 19 2020

    It’s so hard to believe we were overwhelmed by smoke and ash this time last year. La Nina has come in this year, and this summer is all about rain, storms and in some areas flooding and sand erosion at some of our most iconic beaches. Last year they sheltered us from the fires, this year they are being washed away by king tides.


    • Dec 19 2020

      This climate madness has to stop! I see your PM is starting to pivot (..almost discernibly) to
      the perils of climate change b/c he sees a new US President who is taking this crisis seriously. The days of coal are over…Morrison can sit in Parliament with a clump of it in his hand…but that is NOT going to stop the world moving on to clean energy. If you want to suggest NF books to customers the Walkley List produced some terrific books: After the Count (S. Convery)
      Hazelwood (..much better than Body Count IMO), (T. Doigt) and if people can stomach yet another book about child abuse by members of the Catholic Church ….then The Altar Boys (S. Smith)

      Liked by 1 person


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