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November 8, 2020


“We the people of the United States..”

by NancyElin

The sun will melt a sea of racism that seemed hard frozen.

Some men become what they were born for,

Joe Biden will finally bring the people

together in the UNITED STATES of America.

I could not be prouder!


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  1. Nov 8 2020

    You must have been like my husband — he stayed up until 3 am on CET time to watch the speech. But we’re all just so relieved and thrilled and hopeful. It’s a wonderful feeling, and energized for all the work still to be done!

    • Nov 8 2020

      I did …I stayed up to watch this historic speech CET!!
      I cannot wait until tomorrow…the first work day for Biden/Harris elect ticket.
      Let’s get this covidvirus in USA under control!!
      Thanks for your comment, Rennie.

      • Nov 8 2020

        He did too 🙂 Was such an exciting moment. I feel so much more positive about the future and that we can begin following science instead of fantasy and denial around Covid. No more lives lost because of politicizing something that should never have been politicized!

  2. Nov 8 2020

    I cannot wait to see the over of The New Yorker….it will be a collector’s item! I still the issue published when Obama won, beautiful!

  3. tracybham
    Nov 8 2020

    It is such a relief to have this be all over. I am looking forward to having a President and Vice President I can be proud of.

    • Nov 8 2020

      We can all breath now…I finally had a good night sleep this week.
      It was intense….waiting for the moment when Biden reached 270!!
      Let’s move forward…Trump is in the review view mirror.


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