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November 1, 2020


#AusReadingMonth2020 Sign-Up

by N@ncy

  • I cannot wait to start #AUSReadingMonth2020!
  • @Bornasbooks
  • This day has been circled on my calendar for two reasons:
  • enjoying reading Australian  writers
  • enjoying being physically fit  living in my ‘covid’ bubble!



  1. I am going to follow Brona’s lead ….and use her template for a sign-up post.
  2. I am just too exhausted…
  3. …following  USA election coverage 24/7) to create something different.
  4. Brona has put time an effort into organizing this challenge and
  5. …inspiring me yet again to read AUSSIE!
  6. Many thanks, Brona!
  7. This year I was  blown off course by the covid tsunami
  8. ..and lost many reading weeks.
  9. I did write ‘Lockdown Journals’ and review a few books.
  10. I just could not concentrate and
  11. keep my focus on fiction while reality was in my face!
  12. I did manage to read a few books….but not many Australian writers.
  13. I hope to make up lost time during #AusReadingMonth2020.


For AusReading Month I plan to finish and review:

  1. I thought to shake a few things up…I’m doing a bingo card
  2. concentrating on a single genre.
  3. I am trying to do a POETRY bingo card!
  4. Reading poetry…
  5. …takes more concentration and research than a novel!
  6. The up-side….the books are between 60-80 pages!


  • QLD – Comfort Food – Ellen van Neerven
  • FREE SPACE – Argosy – Bella Li
  • TAS – Another Love, Another LifeGraeme Hetherington,
  • SA – Ruby Moonlight – Ali Cobby Eckermann
  • NT – Dew and Broken Glass – Penny Drysdale
  • ACT –Things I’ve Thought To Tell You Since I Saw You Last – Penelope Layland
  • NSW – Waiting for the Past – Les Murray
  • VIC –  Empirical  – Lisa Gorton
  • WA –  Nganajungu Yagu – Charmaine Papertalk Green – READING


For AusReading Month I plan to finish and review:
  1. I going to try to complete a 2nd bingo card!
  2. I told Brona…I’m going ‘whole hog’  and then some!
  3. My bingo card genre will be non-ficton.
  4. These books will double as options for Non-Fiction November
  5. I will try to read the Walkley Award 2020 longlist.
  6. The winner will be announced
  7. …Walkley website ( from 7pm AEDT on Friday, November 20.  


The longlisted titles are:

  • NSWAfter the Count (Stephanie Convery)
  • VIC – City On Fire (Antony Dapiran)
  • VIC – Hazelwood (Tom Doig)
  • VIC – Buckley’s Chance (Garry Linnell, Michael Joseph)
  • QLD – Body Count (Paddy Manning)
  • FREE SPACE – We Can’t Say We Didn’t Know (Sophie McNeill)
  • VIC – Fallen (Lucie Morris-Marr) – READING
  • SA – Penny Wong (Margaret Simons)
  • NSW – The Altar Boys (Suzanne Smit).


For AusReading Month I plan to finish and review:
  1. Depending on my energy level in November
  2. I may start…a 3rd bingo card!
  3. My bingo card genre will be fiction.
  4. I may not finish this card….I will plan a few books:


  • QLD – An Item From the Late News (Thea Astley) – READING
  • FREE SPACE – Pearly Gates (Owen Marshall) – New Zealand


  1. Who am I
  2. Nancy Burns
  3. Where  do I live?
  4. The Netherlands
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8 Comments Post a comment
  1. Reese Warner
    Nov 1 2020

    Wow! That’s quite the list. I’m afraid my stretch goal is two. I do have a Les Murray, though, that I’m thinking of reading, but different from yours: Dog Fox Field, which I found in a used bookstore recently (now that I’m able to go again.)

    US elections have been a terrible distraction, but they’ll be over soon. Let’s hope for the better!


    • Nov 1 2020

      Yes, let’s hope for the better!
      I’ m as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!
      USA must get back to some civil normalcy.
      Thanks for your comment….and enjoy #AusReadingMonth2020.


  2. Nov 1 2020

    Hi Nancy.
    Welcome to AusReading Month once again 🙂
    Your list and plans are very impressive. I love the idea of a poetry bingo card.

    It’s almost impossible to not get caught up the US election hype. It’s everywhere here too. From here, it seems like a bit of a dud choice whichever way you look at it. Two traditional old white guys! Although 4 more years of Trump could be disastrous for the US as far as its world standing goes AND for the US’ ability to get through the next year of Covid.
    Sadly, from here, we cannot see how Biden will win.
    Maybe it’s just the way our media is reporting it, but Trump seems to have the momentum, enthusiasm and energy that Biden simply does not. Although the betting odds are in Biden’s favour so far.


    • Nov 2 2020

      Brona, lovely new day here with record temps for 02 November…64,4 F (18,2 C). The world and the weather are topsy-turvy! Yes, I thought it would be a bood idea to do a ‘genre’ bingo card! I had to order some books for #AusReadingMonth2020 straight from Australia! Interesting how Trump’s chances and Biden’s uphill trip to the White House are portrayed in Australia! Here in NL I am holding my breath and am not going to believe Biden can win. I’m still remembering Hilary Clinton’s loss in 2016. So I am putting some cushions on the floor…..getting out my sleeping bag and will watch CNN live until I hear who wins Florida ( 0400 am?). But it will take days before all the mail-in ballots are counted. 91,2 million (66%) people have voted early based on 138 million voters in 2016. Time to finish my NF book… Lucie Morris-Marr (investigative journalist). 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nov 2 2020

    Oh yay! I’m glad you’re able to find some overlap between AusReading Month and Nonfiction November. I’m excited to hear about what you’ll be reading 🙂


    • Nov 2 2020

      Oh, yes I would not miss #NonficNov 2020 ! I will post my week 1 update today or tomorrow!
      I participate in 2 challenges a year: AusReadingMonth and NovficNov…and I give it my all!


  4. Nov 8 2020

    Phew, 3 bingo cards is an impressive target. I might just manage 1 book in the whole month because it’s also non fiction November and Novellas in November…



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