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October 1, 2020

#Non-fiction The Influence of Soros

by N@ncy


Who is George Soros?

  1. Soros has been a punching bag for authoritarians,
  2. anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists around the world since 1992,
  3. when he became famous as
  4. The Man Who Broke the Bank of England by making more
  5. than US$1 billion by “shorting” the British pound.


  1. Born in Budapest in 1930, Soros barely survived the destruction
  2. of European Jewry by the Nazis. Living in
  3. New York City since 1956, he has combined a long career
  4. as a successful capitalist while doing philanthropy
  5. under the banner of his Open Society Foundations.


Chapters 1

  1. Birth of a Myth
  2. The book begins with a quickscan Hungray WW I – WWII
  3. and the impact on Soros and his family.
  4. Soros has been a frequent target of anti-Semetic and right-wing groups.
  5. In 1945, Soros survived the Siege of Budapest.
  6. In 1947, Soros moved to England and
  7. became a student at the London School of Economics.
  8. The war and the way George Soros survived it was a formative experience.
  9. Living as a victim changed Soros’s sense of empathy.


Chapter 2

  1. 1984
  2. George Soros opens a foundation in Hungary,
  3. which would eventually lead to the establishment
  4. …of the Open Society Foundations network.


Chapter 3:

  1. Breaking the Banks
  2. Soros is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”
  3. because of his short sale of US$10 billion worth of pounds sterling
  4. …which made him a profit of $1 billion in 1992.
  5. This action made George Soros a ‘player’ on the financial world stage.
  6. Black Wednesday UK currency crisis


Chapter 4:

  1. The Humanitarian Exception
  2. Soros’s  humanitarian work duringThe Bosnian War.
  3. This was an international armed conflict that took place in
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1992 and 1995.


Chapter 5:

  1. Rocking the Vote
  2. The prime minister of Slovakia and aspiring authoritarian
  3. Vladimír Mečiar was later ousted by a mass voter mobilization
  4. in 1998, those involved in the efforts described to
  5. me how state-backed media implied that Soros was behind it.


Chapter: 6

  1. Baltimore
  2. Soros’ work with his foundation
  3. ….Open Society Institute-Baltimore focuses on the root causes
  4. of three intertwined problems in our city and state:
  5. drug addiction, an over-reliance on incarceration, and
  6. obstacles that impede youth in succeeding inside and out of the classroom.


Chapter 7:

The Elections of 2004   G.W. Bush vs John Kerry

  1. George Soros has launched a nationwide speaking tour and
  2. advertising blitz in an attempt to deliver the Bush defeat.
  3. Mr Soros, America’s 24th richest person, is expected to spend up to $3m.
  4. Soros: “If I could contribute to repudiating the Bush policies
  5. I think it would be the greatest good deed I could do for the world,”
  6. Soros railed at the president’s claim that “either you are with us,
  7. …or you are with the terrorists.
  8. Soros said Bush was “undermining the civilized discourse
  9. that is the foundation of our democracy”.


Chapter 8:

  1. United We Fall
  2. Absolutely fascinating….just read this!


Chapter 9:

  1. Closed Society
  2. Now I understand the world and why some leaders
  3. …want greater national purity Viktor Orban (Hungary)
  4. Bibi Netanyahu (Israel), Donald Trump (USA).
  5. Each side uses the other as a smoke screen
  6. to cover up ugly realities of immigration.
  7. All these men attack Soros.  Why?
  8. Soros reflects back onto a country what it most hates.


  1. TRIVIA:  dd. 01.10.2020
  2. The Trump administration has
  3. …steadily slashed the number of refugees admitted into the
  4. United States over the last few years.
  5. 2017 – capping the number of refugees at 45,000
  6. 2018 – reduced that number to 30,000
  7. 2019 – further cutting it to 18,000
  8. 2020 -Trump proposes capping refugee admissions at 15,000 in historic low
  9. Obama: in his final year in office capped the
  10. …number of refugees admitted to the U.S. to 116,000


NOTE:  August 2020    Soros is all in for Joe Biden

  1. Soros has been open about his disdain for Trump in the past,
  2. calling him a “dictator”, a slander he has directed at
  3. other leaders he disagrees with,
  4. including Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.
  5. If anyone takes a closer look at where all the
  6. Democratic money is flowing from, they will see
  7. that Soros is funding a huge part of the whole operation.



  1. I just read about Bryan Stevenson’s nonprofit, Equal Justice Initiative
  2. in his book Just Mercy!
  3. The New York Times published an interview with
  4. Open Society Foundation announced that it intends to
  5. “double down” on funding black-led justice organizations.
  6. Black Voters Matter
  7. Circle for Justice Innovations
  8. Repairers of the Breach and the
  9. Equal Justice Initiative


  1. Last thoughts:
  2. George Soros the financial genius, then the ambitious philanthropist and finally
  3. Gerge Soros the world’s bogey man.
  4. If you search Washington Post or The New York Times
  5. …you will see George Soros is everywhere.
  6. ….behind the scenes donating major $$
  7. …to promote open and democratic  societies.
  8. The Guardian dd. January 2020:
  9. Soros gives $1bn to fund universities and stop drift towards authoritarianism
  10. It is about time to stop and learn more about
  11. this amazing and generous  billionaire!
  12. I read it as an AUDIO book (7 hrs 57 min)
  13. …and it was just the best way to absorb all the facts.
  14. While I listen..I often look up facts, names, places etc on Wikipedia.
  15. #MustRead



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