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August 31, 2020


#Summer Lockdown…August?

by N@ncy

August 01

No walk this morning….it was raining at 05:00 hr so that was an easy decision. Temp 21 C and it so humid! I had to turn on airco in bedroom just to flip mattress and put on clean sheets….without succumbing to the oppressive air. Not used to these Florida weather conditions! So busy day….clean house etc and of course Saturday begins with #NeedCoffee + croissant! …oh, here is #Caturday painting by New England artist Serena Stevens.


August 02

5.6 km – done (05:23-07:05)…walked slowly…and had many foto opportunities!
Enjoying my coffee on this wonderful Sunday morning…thought we’d have a cloudburst just now…but as Leonard Cohen said: “There’s a crack in everything…that’s how the light gets in!” Sunrise is officially at 05:55 and I just missed it, but nevertheless I still think this snapshot is beautiful. Foto: 06:06 hr


Look who sat just waiting for me on a fence. I haven’t see him before! So quiet, so serene….I’ll call him Frits! Foto: 06:35 hr.

I moved closer….but he just sat there enjoying his foto shoot. Foto: 06:37 hr. #NeedCoffee…. een tweede bakje! (second cup)
PS Love the green backround and the calico colors in his fur.


August 03

5,6 km – done (05:23-06:53)
No clouds, no rain so time sto slap on my walking shoes. Temp was nice 13 C…but there is a heat wave coming this week.
I was a little late for sunrise at my usual stop, so here is the first light at the duck pond. It looks like a sunset instead of sunrise! Foto: 05:49 hr.

Well, if this cat face dosen’t scare the bejesus out of you…I don’t know what will! Bruno says: “ I iz in da’ house.” Foto: 06:35 hr. Time to head back home….#NeedCoffee

Books:  REVIEW

August 04

5,6 km – done (05:13-06:45)
It was dark this morning…sun is an rising at 06:05 and huge storm clouds are still hanging in the sky. One lonely car parked in Elfstedenhal car park….always makes me nervous to see something out of the ordinary….but bravely walk past it. Full moon….foto 05:45 hr


I look over my shoulder to see the sun breaking through cloud cover. Foto: 05:59 hr. Everything starts with a sunrise but it Is what we do before it sets that matters.


Heat wave is coming…so this will probably be the last majestic cloud photo for a few days. Love the heat…but boring skies….with few photographic oportunities! Foto: 06:18 hr. I have a cat breathing down my neck on the back of my chair….he want’s his breakfast! #NeedCoffee


August 05:  READING…

No walk today…weather is perfect but my grocery delivery time has been changed to 07:00 am. Wah? Time to catch upon my reading…a great Canadian writer Emily St.John Mendel “Station Eleven”. Get the e-book or the paperback…you will be astounded how talented she is.
Written in 2014… did she know about a virus then? Spooky!

One snowy night in Toronto famous actor Arthur Leander dies on stage whilst performing the role of a lifetime (King Lear). That same evening a deadly virus touches down in North America. The world will never be the same again.
Written in 2014… did she know about a virus then? Spooky!


August 06

5,6 km – done (05:15-06:53)
Unbelievably warm this morning (05:30 hr)…and it is only going to get hotter….our first real heat wave of the summer.
I could hear construction behind WTC building at 05:30 …probably they are all on “tropical heat wave” working schedule. No cats or dog walkers today…sort of a ho…hum morning walk. Here is sunrise at the duck pond. Foto: 05:48 hr.

You have to look closely in the sky but there is a “geese flying team“ practicing ‘touch-and-go’ (take off and landing). I could not take a better photo because they sneaked up on me and I still had my sunglasses on. So, this is a ‘hit-and-miss’ attempt at photography.


But further in the field…. I saw the group commander (Harry the heron)….literally keeping a close eye on the new flying recruits(geese)! #NeedCoffee …and must turn on the air conditioner. Keep cool, Netherlands!


August 07

5,6 km – done (05:23-06:39)
Walks during a heat wave are just 1 hr 15 min long. No clouds, animals are staying in their shelters to keep cool….not many photo opportunities. The duck pond is the place to be for subtle pre-dawn colors. Sunrise is officially at 06:10…this foto is 05:39 hr

Sunrise in a heat wave….not beautiful…just a foreshadowing of the day to come! Foto: 06:06


August 08

5,6 km – done (06:25-07:40)
Late start after a terrible warm night….sleep at 10 PM…awake 01-02 AM…sleep…awake 03 AM…sleep etc. I was glad to get out of bed and take a walk! Temp was 22 F (71 F) at 0630 and 24 C…now. Emergency water giving to all plants and pray they survive this week! With a blistering sun hanging in the sky….it has an antiseptic sting. Nothing is moving on land…only on water. Foto today is of my faithful swans. They manage to stay refreshingly cool . I will miss them in the winter. Foto: 06:45 hr



Mork insists on sleeping in his cramped carrier in 30+ C heat!!


Formula 1 ….qualification in UK Silverstone. #Heineken and snack!


August 09

5,6 km – done (05:23-07:20)…walked slowly and took many photos. Temp: 20 C….very humid but around 0700 a breeze began to blow. I was never so happy to see some cloud cover to temper this heat!
Sometimes there is nothing to see, but this morning cats, joggers, dogs and cootlings were everywhere! Sunrise was almost a duplicate of the one on 02 August (see foto). I expect a change in the sky Wednesday…..thunder showers always follow a heat wave. Foto: 06:08

As I continued my walk…the cloud cover became thicker….this reflection was stunning but unfortunately the backround is less attractive…solar panels Foto: 06:40

I’ve been walking almost daily since April….and have cultivated some friendships along the way. Remember Kevin and his mother Coot sitting on the nest? Just look at him now…swimming. At times I am speechless to see such love in the eye of a mother Coot…her boy is still having a bad hair day….but he is the most beautiful cootling to her! Foto: 07:01 hr


A day without cats? Well….unthinkable! I found this one on the end of my street…with some definite cat-titude. I call her Beyoncé. Foto: 07:17 hr

What a diva….she’s bored already! Foto: 07:17hr


Beyoncé…She can shade you with her eyes! She’s trying to get me in a position of weakness…. by not buying into this tired trap of a ‘cute cat photo shoot’!
Beyoncé: ” …we’re done here…and mic drop!”
Foto: 07:18 hr. #NeedCoffee


Just because I love photography…I want to share this amazing shot of #MaxVerstappen. WOW!


August 10

5,6 km – done (06:40-08:15)
Late start…muggy night and sporadic spurts of sleep made me turn off my alarm clock around 03:00 hr. I’ll walk when I wake up. Streets and bike paths are bustling with “woon- en werkverkeer” (commuters). During this heat wave I’m not getting up at dawn for is just not interesting to see the sun pop up and blind me in the eye! So today…some snapshots of the landscape. Foto: 07:35 hr


Mother nature knows how to protect her creatures….this hare blended into the backround I hardly noticed him! Look at that muscular body, rugged fur….a real #ToughGuy in the meadows! Foto: 07:35 hr


August 10

Reading…French  Les années by A. Ernaux

#20booksofsummer20 Reading French with best friend in the middle of a heat wave #canicule 32 C…airco full blast. “Les années” by Annie Ernaux

REVIEW  Les années


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  1. Loving all your photos, Nancy! What beautiful purples!

    The hare looks very annoyed at you, lol!


    • Sep 4 2020

      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!


  2. Sep 9 2020

    I was smiling at your turning on the air con for 21C (I’m still in jeans and jumpers for 21) and 24C (when I might be tempted to take off my jumper/jacket), but 30+ is hot I agree. And humid is always ghastly. Hope this finds you surviving the heatwave and staying cool xo


    • Sep 9 2020

      Surviving…and getting used to life with the ‘new normal’.
      I seems this is going to be a long haul situation.
      Wtih every cancellation
      …in NL the coming of St. Nicolaas in November, national tradition on TV
      …perhaps some chaos in US during Thanksgiving travel/home comings (26 Nov)
      …and who knows what will happen to Xmas…one’s joyous holiday spirit dampens incrementally.



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