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May 16, 2020


#Corona update 16.05.2020

by N@ncy

Leave it to the Dutch…to find a solution so you can still enjoy a candlelight dinner with your family/partner ….during social distancing!



  1. Since Crona lockdown my world has become very small.
  2. My only consolation is that I am not the only one in this situation.
  3. All over the world people try to cope for the long term.
  4. What do I do?
  5. I photograph my small world.
  6. Here  are some of my thoughts about ” the news’
  7. …a few books I managed to read and of course my photographs.


  1. The best thing I have done has been to tumble
  2. …out of bed (like it or not) at 0450 am every day.
  3. My walks are a meditation moment…
  4. ….to remind myself that every day is a gift.
  5. We have to keep safe and healthy
  6. …but we must all steel ourselves psychologically.
  7. We have to survive a turbulent Spring
  8. …keep cool in a pandemic Summer
  9. …and take the future in small increments.


April 30  Corona Guardian Angel

The first things I speak to in the morning are my cat and guardian angel! Coffee and my morning toast is the high point of the day! Afraid to turn on the news….but more afraid of missing something….and I hear a ‘beep-beep’ in the kitchen that I did not expect on the oven‘s dashboard. 5 km done in the rain today…How did life get this crazy? #NeedMoreCoffee


May 01

Finally after weeks…I have found an Irish author who has captivated me. Elizabeth Bowen’s short stories from the 1920s to the 40s shimmer with a world just out of reach. Bowen has helped me forget #Coronavirus…for a few hours! Look for her books in your local library…..once it opens up again!


May 02


5 km done
Oke, it is 2nd of May…but it was cold this morning during my walk. Sun peaking behind the clouds, nippy wind and on my return some drizzle. Hot shower still has not warmed me up. #NeedCoffee and my beloved toast with “roomboter”. (creamy farmer’s butter)


May 03

I must channel my thoughts into a French book. It is the only way I can stay focused. Reading a third (…Dutch is my second) language I will make reading interactive…the words on the page vs the words I have to look up! If you want to brush up on your high school French skills…this a great classic to start…only 130 pages by Albert Camus.


Finished: 05.05.2020
Genre: essay
Rating: C
Conclusion:    REVIEW

Metaphor rich
…Minotaur = boredom
…Labyrinth = Oran, Algeria
The best section was about a boxing match in Oran
…a great sportcast!
If your interested in a very short French read
…to dust off your high-school language skills
you can start here.


May 04

Even Naked, America Cannot See Itself

Absolutely floored by the quality of this writing @zakcheneyrice NY Magazine. Read what is really happening in USA and decide in November at the ballot box! I just have to repeat the dialogue by Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men: “You can’t handle the truth!” #NeedCognac….not coffee after this.


May 05

On 04 May…we remember all the Dutch who died in WW II, resistance, razzia’s of the jewish citizens, military and civilians who lost their lives. WW II ended 75 years ago. Today we celebrate our liberation. #NeverForgetFreedomIsPrecious

May 06

What day is it? Everyday feels the same. Pundits predicted this crisis could go on for months…years? Needed to give my ankels/tendons/feet a rest. No sense pushing myself too far. Average 17 miles per week (5 x 3,5 mi). You won’t believe this but I had to FORCE myself NOT to get up at 0500 and put on my walking shoes! I’ve become addicted to sunrises. So today…taking it easy. #NeedCoffee PS: Mork (the cat) is in a mood….whatev.


May 07

It is a race against the clock! The sun rises earlier every day….today 0554 hr! In late June I’ll have to get up at 0430 to catch the rising sun! Not a cloud in the sky so it was difficult to capture the blinding sun at 0610 hr. But here is a farmhouse that stands alone with fields of solar panels…creeping into it’s bucolic space. How long will the homestead last in 21st C? #NeedCoffee and some cookies soon to arrive in my home delivery groceries!

May 08

Finished: 08.05.2020
Genre: non-fiction
Rating: D

It sounded so good
…aspiring young French writer wants to meet
R. Kipling to ask permission to translate
the famous poem “IF”.
A poem that changed the man’s life.

The book turned out to be a source of invigorating hair-shirt agony.
Sentences were too convoluted and inflated with too much detail.
I felt no ‘warmth’ in the narrative….only a cold shower every
time I attempted to push on.

In these ‘Coronavirus Crisis’ times….I realize life is too
short to keep castigating myself with this book.
I made it through 25 % …
….then liberated myself for better things!


May 09

Greetings from Mork…the barred shadows indicate…still in ‘intelligent’ lockdown. #Caturday


May 10

The most trusted woman in USA Oprah Winfrey has cancelled all her engagements until the end of 2020…staying @home with her partner and dogs…until the corona virus is under control.
Trump tells you it is safe to go back to work, get your nails done and ‘just get back into town’. Who do you believe?


May 11

Once you learn a language….it’s like riding a just get back on and pedal away! Corona lockdown pushed me back to reading French b/c it is the ultimate way to keep my mind focused and not get upset by Trumpian news. Thérèse Raquin…it was on my bookshelf for it is done! REVIEW


May 12

Corona garden….nothing really beautiful, just the ‘usual green’ suspects: hosta, hortensia, grasses etc. Empty hanging baskets…so sad. I haven’t been to the garden center this year.


May 13

How to Live

“There is something about poetry
that tells us to slow down,
to pay attention and look for meaning.”

Ms Rickerby wins 2020 New Zealand Ockham Award for Poetry
….absolute delight to read during a pandemic.


May 14

Dr R. Bright gives testimony before US Congress about the Coronavirus crisis. You need to hear the facts from Dr. Bright.…not fantasy from Trump. Finally USA hears how much deep s**t it is in! 4 hours of testimony….Chairwoman Ms Eshoo of California was deeply moved after hearing what the USA must be ready for.


May 15

Mork is watching too many Trump press conferences! I accused Mork of ‘biting’ me because I did not give him his morning treat on time. He said: “Fake News!”


The United States is a country to be pitied

Eugene Robinson is associate editor of the Washington Post. I find very often he has his finger on the pulse of America and speaks the truth many don’t want to hear. Yes, America should be pitied. #MustRead


May 16

5 km done
First time in 4 weeks I didn’t feel like tumbling out of bed at 0500 hr…but look what I would have missed! It is a simple duck pond but in the morning it is majestic with color!


One of my favorite films is ‘Gone With the Wind‘. Iconic scene in the movie was General Sherman’s troops (Civil War) leaving the captured city of Atlanta followed a “scorched earth” policy destroying everything. Look at this foto…and think of Atlanta! #SkyOnFire in Leeuwarden.


After a 45 minute walk I am finally at my destination…I stand here for at least 10-15 minutes waiting for the ‘perfect’ sunrise shot. Cars and trucks whizz by and think: What is she doing leaning against a traffic sign? But….just look at what I saw…it was worth the wait. I should have been a photographer!


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  1. tracybham
    May 17 2020

    Lovely photos, Nancy. Your cat certainly is relaxed and flexible. I am missing going to the nursery. Coronavirus has gotten me working on my tiny yard (too many weeds and the back has been totally neglected for a while), but now I am ready to plant some pots and need some potting soil. The good news is I have a small compost bin now.


    • May 17 2020

      Tracy, sounds like you are full of energy….despite lockdown. I walk every morning 1,5 hrs so am sure I won’t vegetate in my reading chair. The only thing I have difficulty is getting the house spic and span. I do the basics….but my heart just isn’t in it yet. Perhaps when temps go up…I’ll feel a ‘cleaning thrill ‘. Book reading is minimal…I try but at times I cannot find a book that can whisk me away from reality. I end up reading articles in New York Magazien, The Atlantic, The New Yorker….and of course New York Times and Washington Post.


  2. May 19 2020

    Ohmygosh your cat is so funny!!! And I looooooove your sunrise photos. Beautiful, especially the duck pond!

    Ugh…don’t talk to me about Trump and his followers. I can’t even.


    • May 19 2020

      I hope my cat and sunrises give you ‘30 secs of calm’ during your very busy day (care of mother, running household and work). You are an inspiration!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. May 25 2020

    Love, love, love your morning walk pics Nancy – but 4:30 am!!! Whaaaatt!!
    At 4:30am I look more like your pic of Mork 😀

    Australia is relaxing restrictions more and more each week. Nervous about the second wave, but so few new cases each day and they’re able to trace every single one to the source, so we have growing hopes for a manageable second wave…but who knows.


    • May 26 2020

      Yesterday was my last 0430 am walk….I just cannot get up early enough to catch the sun during the summer! June will start next week and it is a good moment to make my #20BooksofSummer 2020 list. Time to get back to some serious reading. #NeedCoffee

      Liked by 1 person


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