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May 11, 2020


#French Thérèse Raquin

by N@ncy



  1. A cross between a crime fiction and fantasy novel
  2. Characters: Zola portrays an icy ménage à trois:
  3. Thérèse…her husband Camille and lover Laurent.
  4. Mme Raquin is Camille’s mother.
  5. Timeline: 6 years
  6. Plot:Crime passionnel” that changes the lovers
  7. ..and drives them into madness!
  8. Characters change:
  9. Laurent: heavy, hot-headed –> gets nervous, fearful, violent and criminal
  10. Thérèse: nervous, unsatisfied, passive  –>  strong and sensual woman
  11. Madam Raquin:  apathetic, quiet –> desperate and vengeful woman
  12. Camille: alive –> dead….killed in the water.


Last thoughts:

  1. The book is  very easy read.
  2. So easy that I could skim parts when
  3. Zola uses long-winded descriptions (signature style of his writing)
  4. …. and not miss a beat.
  5. It is a tale of  fiery passion, obsession, and
  6. the psychological aftermath of an unforgivable deed.
  7. Several steamy chapters about the secret affair
  8. between Thérèse and Laurent leading up to the wedding night.
  9. Then the guilt  sunk in and they both felt
  10. ….repelled by each other!
  11. Zola knows what kind of books sell!
  12. …but it is #GoodNotGreat
  13. The narrative reminded me of movies
  14. “The Post Man Always Rings Twice”
  15. and  “Body Heat”.
  16. Thérèse Raquin  felt less ‘polished’ compared
  17. to Zola’s  Les Rougon-Macquart series.
  18. If you read any french books…start with
  19. this series of 20 books.
  20. You won’t be disappointed!
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