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April 29, 2020


#Corona update 29.04.2020

by N@ncy


April 14:

5 km walk – done
(….it was cold!! Temp 5 C but is felt like 1 C in the wind)
Order online groceries – done
Don’t forget to get extra ‘anti viral’ Lindt chocolate – done
Watch Trump’s presser on Monday evening (…who saw it?)
Trump: “When somebody is the president of the US, the authority is total”. Has this man even READ the US Constitution? You should watch Trump lash out at a CBS reporter….it was incredible. The man is unhinged. – done
Now…time to relax and read the digital newspapers and #NeedCoffee!


April 15:

Groceries (online delivery) have arrived on my doorstep….I never thought I would end up washing not only fruit/veggies…but also cans and containers!
Good vegetable wash: 2 cup (500 ml) cold water, 1/4 c (60 ml) vinegar and juice 1/2 lemon (optional) Tijd voor 2nd bakje koffie!


April 16:

US politics never ceases to amaze me….we are all worried about Trump being re-elected. Don’t be distracted…we should worry about the MOST powerful man in Washington returning as head of the Senate, Mitch McConnell. Jane Mayer of The New Yorker has written a BLOCKBUSTER article I urge you all to read. Stay healthy and stay informed!! #MoscowMitch

How Mitch McConnell became Trump’s enabler-in-chief



April 17:

5 km – done
Read news: ….Trump declares US open for business in phases…Boeing factory opens next week….Hmmm. Be very careful. This is a virus you cannot see! #COVID19 testing of the entire crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier may have revealed an important clue: 60% of the sailors who tested positive showed no symptoms.


No photo description available.

April 18:

Needed my Friday (17 April)  night glass of cognac just to face the news. Senators fuming at VP on conference call…same ol’blah blah from Pence. Trump instigating revolt in tweets “Liberate…Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia.” Opening up the USA without testing + track/trace follow up is an accident waiting to happen. It feels like Andrew Cuomo is the ONLY adult in the room. So….not going anywhere soon….we are in this for months to come. #Caturday foto tonight….plan to sleep in tomorrow morning! (see foto)


April 19:

Sun is shining…took my 5 km walk which is my ‘escape’. Still I cannot stop thinking of NYC and what it is going through. I saw this photo this morning and it just touched a nerve. There is no escape in NYC.


April 20:

If there is one thing positive out of this corona lockdown…I’m walking daily 5 km (per minute burn 4 caloires) before breakfast.
Last year in April….I could only walk 8 minutes and that was with pain. Thank God for my new hip! Just think, I can lose 1 kilo if I do this for 30 days and not go overboard on cookies and chocolate. It is a glorious morning and only met 2 walkers, 1 dog and 7 people on racing bikes. Now #NeedCoffee



April 21:

Georgia Governor Kemp declares his state ‘open for business’. This is so reckless….and will cost lives! You cannot pretend coronavirus does not exist! Thank goodness Angela Merkel is the ADULT in the room and cancelled the October Beer Fest! #SeriousWiseDecision. Women leaders seem to handle more responsibly then the men! They don’t command, they empathize: NZ Jacinda Ardem, Denmark Mette Frederiksen, Finland Sanna Marin, Iceland Katrin Jakobsdottir, Norway Erna Solberg and Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen. #BravoLadies


April 22:

This is the stupidest thing I’ve read….“Jesus is my vaccine”. Good luck with that #TrumpBase


April 23:

If it is Thursday….time to clean the floors, collect the groceries, flip bed matras, put on clean sheets and then in the evening enjoy my anti-viral glass of French cognac. #ViveLaFrance


April 24:

5 km – done….I was up at 0555 hrs. Sleep is a ‘hit and miss’ event these days. Dreams are even crazier…this week I dreamt about Iceland, Jennifer Lopez and Dr. Fauci! Morning walk was serene…1 dog, 2 bikers, 1 walker. Today I left the house 1 x in 5 weeks…Mork needed food and flea pill from the vets. #NeedCoffee. This is a beautiful foto…the longer I look at it. Perspective (long road/path), diaphanous clouds and wisps of mist hanging low above the pastures. Every day is a gift!



April 25:

5 km – done
Roving reporter….0630 hr
All Quiet on the Western Front!



April 26:

This is one of the nicest and creative things I seen during this Corona crisis. A tattoo artist cannot open his store so he paints personal messages for nurses at Erasmus Medical Center hospital in Rotterdam. He gives them their very special nurses shoes (modern Dutch wooden shoes).


April 27:

Today we celebrate our king’s birthday, Willem-Alexander. But this year we are staying home…no trips to Amsterdam for parties along the canals….no flea markets in villages….no nothing. I don’t even have a ‘oranjepouce’ (typical cake to celebrate this day…). So I’ll just have to sing the national anthem at 10 am as we all will do ….and have my Heineken tonight and raise a glass to staying save and healthy!


April 28:

5 km – done
While you were sleeping….a new day begins! I had to run to get to this place on time  to take the photo. The sun does not wait for anyone! #NeedCoffee



April 29:

I still cannot concentrate reading a book…so I’ve turned back the clock! I was never a whizz in math (..languages and literature were my forte) ….but now I am determined to buckle down….as I should have in school. Today learning the area and circumference of a circle. #LookingForPositivesInLockdown


5 km – done
Now watching the news with my isolation partner.
Remember he sleeps 18 hrs a day!
Mork: “Wake me up when lockdown is over.”

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  1. Reese Warner
    Apr 29 2020

    Anti-viral Lindt chocolate. Done here, too! I’ll have to give some thought to the anti-viral cognac, but mostly it’s been red wine so far…


    • Apr 29 2020

      Strange times….
      Trying to process all the mix messages on TV (Trump and Co, vs the scientist Dr. Fauci)
      Trying to read a book….can’t concentrate
      Trying to do a crossword puzzle….can’t figures out the abbreviations The New York Times uses in their puzzles: what is “school figs.”
      Now I am in bed with a hot water bottle against a sore shoulder blade .
      Time to have my cognac night-cap….And review my
      closing thoughts at the end of another day in lockdown. Hope all is well in Canada!


  2. Apr 30 2020

    Oh this is fun, Nancy. I love the anti-viral Lindt chocolate, and the “night glass of cognac just to face the news”. That Man is increasingly bizarre isn’t he? I assume you’ve seen the various parodies – including The Liar Tweets Tonight, and the one to A Spoonful of Sugar about drinking/injecting bleach/disinfectant. They shouldn’t, but they do, help me stay sane.

    We are looking at a 7°C max tomorrow. Pretty unheard of for us in May. Even extremely rare in winter when our maxes are mostly 10-12°C. Brrrr.


    • May 1 2020

      Absolutely love my ballet teacher David!
      Just completed my morning 5 km….and I could do a demi plié
      …but a full plié? ouch!

      Liked by 1 person

    • May 1 2020

      The Christmas cognac….is running low. Just a few more nips in the bottle.
      I may have to switch to something with a little less punch…mug of hot cacao!
      Good news: We just had 6 weeks of sunshine and 0,4 mm rain….but we were all locked inside. Bad news: Now it’s going to rain til mid May…they say.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Apr 30 2020

    This series of videos from the Australian Ballet’s lovely artistic director might add another .5 calorie per minute to your calorie counting! Check him out. He truly is delightful – at least I think so, and so did my brother when he did two week’s quarantine recently after I put him onto David.


  4. Apr 30 2020

    We do anti-viral rosé and Cadbury chocolate here – still making our way through our SA roadtrip and Easter stash! I was doing 5km walks but now that I’m back at work and daylight savings is finished, I’m lucky to do my 6 min walk to and from work.
    I admire your persistence in watching news about that man in the US. I simply cannot do it. Obviously I hear bits and pieces, but prefer West Wing for a more positive, hopeful image of the US.
    Some of the free to air shows appearing on YouTube have been great fun to watch. We enjoyed a trip down memory lane with Phantom of the Opera last weekend. I have a love/hate thing going on with musicals, but this is one we saw together nearly 30 yrs ago. It was fun and a lovely way to spend a Saturday night at home.
    Glad to hear you;re doing fine and slowly getting your reading mojo back xo


    • May 1 2020

      I thought I had the reading mojo back yesterday…but even Melville’s novella Billy Budd proved to be an exhaustive exercise. You know switching off the news and getting lost in a book for a while would be good for me, but still struggling to concentrate. I thought perhaps I would try to read another book in French…inspired by your Zola review! Reading and looking up words I don’t know in that language is an ‘interactive’ experience…and I think that will keep my mind from wandering off…and thinking about the news! I see what I can do today! 5 km per day does really lift my spirits in the morning…good habit despite the strange circumstances!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Here, while people were great at staying home the first two weeks, now even though we’re still supposed to be in lockdown, there are almost as many cars on the road during the daytime as normal and I see more and more stores opening. People are keeping a distance and I do see more masks. Thankfully our COVID numbers aren’t really increasing though. At some point things do have to get back to normal or at least a new normal.

    You seem to be making good use of your time. Keep on walking!


    • May 1 2020

      We have a ‘watered down’ version of Sweden. Ours is called an ‘intelligent lockddown’. It requires a large dosis of commonsense and shut down of schools, hairdressers, gyms and large gatherings. Restaurants and pubs are closed…and all the festivals that usually take place in the summer are cancelled. Stores can be open…but no one is shopping. Construction sites are busy but 2 m distance. Public transport is down 80 %. Our large part of our economy can also be done at home on computer…linking to the office.The Dutch trust their government and are very level-headed….so there are non of those protests as you see in USA ” Liberate Minnesota” for example! 5 km done this morning in the rain….after 6 weeks of sunshine!

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s interesting. I like Sweden’s approach and the Netherlands’ approach sounds good as well, where the government gives guidelines but allows the people to exercise their brains and common sense. Then the people still feel like they have an amount of freedom. I think when people feel like they have no control or freedom that they start to rebel. This can be actual or perceived. I don’t feel that too much of our economy can be done from home and people are beginning to suffer. And I’ve spoken to a number of elderly people who are not getting the care for other issues they have because everyone is focussed on COVID. Here, at least, I’m finding it a little neurotic because we haven’t had tons of cases and why hospitals can’t see patients for other ailments is beyond me.

        I only keep minimally informed on U.S. politics as everyone is always fighting and fighting senselessly. The founding fathers are probably crying in their graves.

        We have sunshine today and I’m going to work in my garden and then help a friend! Nothing like sun to lift your spirits! Have a great day (or perhaps evening), Nancy!

        Liked by 1 person

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