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April 13, 2020


#Corona update 13.04.2020

by NancyElin

  1. Ed Hopper has illustrated what life is like
  2. …during Corona crisis.
  3. This is the new normal
  4. coffee and social distancing.
  1. Completed 4 weeks in lockdown
  2. I stared a week before NL placed us ALL in lockdown.
  3. I try to do 4 x  walks of 5 km per week….just keep the body moving.
  4. Easter morning was surely an indication….there is light at the end of this tunnel.

MUST see exhibitions on Tate Modern London

  1. ….free curator-led tour  Andy Warhol (see below)
  2. ….free curator-led tour Aubrey Beardsley exhibitions, starting 13 April
  3. on museum website and You Tube channel.
  4. The films were created after the galleries were forced to close
  5. due to the coronavirus pandemic,
  6. but before current restrictions around social distancing were implemented.
  7. ENJOY!


Dog Lovers….I watch this video and listen to the commentary EVERY DAY!!

Major  LOL (click 2x…video does start)

  1. Van Gogh puzzel (foto)  250 pieces
  2. …I’ve completed  7….243 pieces to go!
  3. These puzzles used to be a lot easier when I was a child!

  1. Everybody is is lockdown….except essential workers.
  2. If you order take-a-way….remember the delivery boy/girl
  3. …and give a extra generous tip $$

  1. Sleeping during lockdown is like Russian Roulette
  2. …when my head hits the pillow I wonder….to sleep or not to sleep?
  3. No medication needed….only the soft purr in my ear from Mork!

Notes from the ….underground:

What am I going to do today?
Try…desperately to start a book.
These times can drain our mental capacity.
By that I mean there is so much going
on there isn’t enough mental bandwidth and I feel
I have no more room in this range to process the data we call a book.
And this is from someone who can easily read 20 books a month
…in better times!
Books I do manage to read….you can see the very short reviews on
I think I wlll start an online crossword puzzle  on The New Yorker of New York Times website.
I haven’t done that in ages.
I remember in my house in1960s there was a palpable competition  who would get The New York Times
crossword puzzle first in  the magazine section.  I was too young to be interested
…I just wanted to read the comics!
I find I am constantly searching for comfort food. Everybody is going to gain
weight in the next 3 months! I only buy a few ‘goodies’  with the intention of
making it last a week (..until next grocery delivery). Well, not very good at
moderation:  finished an ice cream roll ( …about the equivalent of a tub of B&J ice cream) in 2 days!
Oh, Nanc!
Washing my hands very often, at least one good thing out of all this….kids and adults will
learn this good habit ad KEEP doing it in the future.
Consequently my hands feel dry…so I treat myself to very expensive  Chanel nr 5  body lotion
and slather it on my hands after a wash. I drift back into the living room with a whiff of perfume that
lifts my spirits.
Did not get out to see my ‘tulip guy’ during lockdown weeks.
So  I am hoping my tulips and hyacinths…will stay a bit longer
in blossom….be it not at their most beautiful…at least it is something to look at.
Just think, all those beautiful flowers in Keukenhof this year
7 million bulbs were planted…and no one is going to see them.
Better luck next year…
Easter 2020
Surreal empty St Peter’s Basilica on Easter Sunday! The nuns at St Joe’s (grammar school 1-8) and Lauralton Hall (high school 9-12) never told me attending mass would be so wonderful: TV images of my favorite Pope Franciscus I, hearing the mass in Latin once again whlle I sip my Irish Coffee. I hope your Easter Sunday is as unforgettable as mine! “Ecce Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccáta mundi, miserére nobis.” We all know these words by heart!
PS: So sorry, The Netherlands can not send the Pope his Easter flowers for the first time in 30 years. #SeeYouNextYear
Easter 2020    #CoronaNewChic
“…..In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it,
You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade…”
Cat Quarantine…..message from Mork:
Read more from Messages
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  1. Apr 13 2020

    Love the pic of you & Mork!
    If a tulip blooms & nobody sees it, did it really bloom at all?
    I’m missing the autumn trees in the mountains where we have a holiday home. We had planned to spend Easter there this year, planting bulbs, painting the deck, but instead we’re stayed home & did puzzles & pruned & went for LONG walks. I walked nearly 34km‘s last week.

    Glad to hear you’re doing okay but it’s going to be a long 6 months for you, especially with spring & summer on the way. It’s easier to hibernate in winter. xo

    • Apr 14 2020

      Brona, thanks for you comments!
      I’m trying to adjust to the new normal….and it is easier when you realize your health depends on it. We read that this is a respiratory virus….but it can work havoc on other organs in the body. No one knows how this will end. Spirits are up….5 km walk done early this morning….and now enjoying the digital newspapers with my coffee!

  2. Apr 14 2020

    Mental bandwidth! Love that! I don’t FEEL stressed out, but I must be because the only thing I can concentrate / focus on is work, which is what happens when I’m stressed out. Work is my peace and salvation. LOL

    That very first picture at the top of your post of the lady with her back to us. Is that the Ed Hopper illustration you reference in item #1? I love that picture so much.

    Also love the New Yorker cover and the dog video with commentary!

    Awww Mork is a very pretty little kitty. Hope you both stay well.

    • Apr 14 2020

      Usually when I am stressed…I clean the house.
      I am beyond that ‘release valve’…it just does not comfort me at this time.
      I find the 5 km walks 4-5 x a week helps….to relax. I put on a comfy sweater, my sun glasses ( rain or shine, gives me a secluded feeling) and my earphones. I have a 60 song playlist on Spotify (“morinng walks”)…and this is a great start of the day. Chocolate is high on my anti-stress, anti viral shopping list!
      Thanks for the comments….and isn’t that ‘dog video’ just wonderful, I laugh every time!

  3. Yes, times are indeed weird. I’m doing lots of walking and bike riding and gardening. My dog, Finn, loves this because I’m home all the time! Yesterday our province released some figures and for our province the mean age of the COVID deaths is 86 years old. I do hope they focus more on protecting people in care homes.

    Glad to hear you’re doing well and thanks for the art tips!

  4. Apr 29 2020

    I’ve been wanting to get back to visit you Nancy but life has been so busy with my elder care
    responsibilities. Like you, I’m not reading much at all and I’m finish it frustrating.

    Anyhow, I enjoyed your report of your days Nancy. Keep them coming.

    • Apr 29 2020

      This Corona Lockdown has had some strange effects on me…..
      just published update 29.04.2020.
      I will have a look at your post this evening!

      • Apr 30 2020

        I’ll visit your update later today Nancy.

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