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March 30, 2020


#Corona lockdown list

by N@ncy
  1. Last night  (March 30)  BBC News told us that this
  2. …coronavirus crisis could last 6 months!
  3. After every 3 weeks the stats will be
  4. …evaluated to see if we have ‘crushed the curve’.
  5. I am sure NL will apply similar rules.
  6. 6 months!! OMG.
  7. Now that I’ve got time on my freshly cleaned hands,
  8. …it is time to stock up on books not toilet paper…
  9. TURN OFF the news
  10. …and make my reading list for a long lockdown.
  11. There must be one or two books on this list that
  12. …can deflect and divert
  13. …the corona news….for a few hours.
  14. #NotGoingAnywhereSoon
  15. PS: no SF on the list
  16. …just look outside if you want that experience!


  1. EssayismBrian Dillon – 2017 – Review
  2. Can You Tolerate This – A. Young (2016) – Review
  3. Critics, Monsters and Fanatics – Cynthia OzickReview
  4. The China Model – Daniel Bell – 2016 – Review
  5. A Warning – Anonymous  (2019) – Review
  6. The Unmaking of the Presidency – S. Hennessey,  B. Wittes  (2020) – Review
  7. A Very Stable Genius – Carol Leonnig, Philip Rucker (2020) – Review
  8. Front Row at the Trump Show – J. Karl – Review
  9. I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us  – Ed Yong (2016) – Review
  10. Shosha – I.B. Singer (fiction) – Review
  11. The Orphan Master’s Son – A. Johnson (fiction) – Review
  12. L’Été – Albert Camus – Review
  13. Collected Short Stories – Elizabeth Bowen – READING  (14/79 read)
  14. The Moviegoer – Percy Walker – Review
  15. Tu seras un homme, mon fils – P. Assouline (2020) – Review
  16. D’un cheval l’autre – Bartabas (2020) – READING
  17. Thérèse Raquin – Emile. Zola – Review
  18. Saul Steinberg: A Portrait – D. Bair – Review
  19. Thomas Aquinas – Denys Turner – Review
  20. Brown is The New White – Steve Phillips – Review
  21. My Vanishing Country – B. Sellers (2020) – Review
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  1. Mar 30 2020

    Your lists are always so impressive Nancy!
    Love the Aussie contenders of course. I’m struggling with anything heavy atm, finding comfort in the more gentle times of Pym & Thirkell.


    • Mar 30 2020

      I find comfort in a late night cheese sandwich….and then
      just around 9 pm a small dram of Irish Whisky in a pre-warmed cognac glass.
      It really helps to calm the mind and reflect on all that is happening around me/us.
      Tip: if you enjoy the comedian Ricky Gervais he posts a 20 min video nightly…his Churchillian way to “address the nation” and give us all a laugh. He is silly…but that is what we need once in a while. Have a look on Twitter @rickygervais
      I just quickly read your post on your blog….and will comment later. I just have to wake up slowly to face another Corona day.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mar 30 2020

        We find comfort in a late night west wing episode (or 2) & Easter egg chocolate!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Mar 30 2020

    I have West Wing deluxe box set…..I on season 1 dvd disc nr 2.
    Online groceries arrive at my doorsept Wednesdag….I’ll put yet another
    pouch chocolate Easter eggs on my shopping list!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mar 30 2020

    Constellations is so good – enjoy!


    • Mar 30 2020

      Cathy, some of the “Ireland” books were intended for #ReadingIrelandMonth20…but I just ran out of ‘reading steam’ mid March. Drastic changes in daily life in NL….but I guess if this goes on for months I will have to find my ‘book mojo’ soon. Life post Cronoa will never be the same. Stay safe and a nip of Irish whisky as anti-viral nightcap does rather agree with me!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Mar 30 2020

    Love points 15/16 in your intro. Gave me a laugh!

    And I like your list – particularly all the Aussies in there as Brona says.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mar 30 2020

      Aussie authors were in the planning for #AWW20 …and I will have to really do my best to get back into those books. SF….I know, eerie images of empty world cities….deserted beaches….it is as if Nevil Shute’s On the Beach is coming to life! Stay safe….keep in touch!


  5. Mar 30 2020

    This is such an impressive list!! I Contain Multitudes sounds really intriguing…


    • Mar 30 2020

      Ed Yong is a brilliant writer.
      If you have not read his article in The Atlantic “How the Pandemic Will End”
      ….I would recommend you do! You will find the
      link to the article on my #Corona update 26.03.2020 blogpost.


      • Mar 30 2020

        I read that article last week, so would be really interested in his book!


  6. Reese Warner
    Mar 31 2020

    An amazing list! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make of them. I’m particularly curious about the Varoufakis, the Packer, and the Kotlowitz.

    I’ve read two: Brian Dillon (which I loved) and Sebald (which I liked, but less than his novels).

    Keep well! It looks like you’ve got proper companionship for staying home & reading a lot of books!



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