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March 26, 2020


#Corona update 26.03.2020

by N@ncy


What have Mork (isolation partner) and

..I done during first 10 days of ‘silence and solitude?


  1. 3 x 5 km walks
  2. Spring cleaning downstairs
  3. celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with Irish Coffee
  4. prayed with the Pope yesterday at noon Pater Noster’
  5. 3 loads of laundry
  6. foam rolled…ouch!
  7. learned difference between recession and depression on CNN
  8. 2 x received online groceries.
  9. guy just puts things on my doorstep, takes a big step back and I pay online
  10. 1 x trip to vet’s to get cat’s kidney diet food (forgot to stock up)
  11. read NOT one book…b/c I was glued to the TV + Andrew Cuomo’s pressers
  12. turned OFF Trump’s Coronavirus ‘rallies’
  13. ….I refuse to watch b/c 25% of update is about him!
  14. Treats?
  15. ice-cream, popped corn and drizzled melted butter on it for movie night
  16. finished 250 gr choc Easter eggs.
  17. Stay save
  18. #StayTheF**kHome

Update:  27.03.2020

Please …read this article in English by British science journalist Ed Young (1981). He explains in very clear words how this pandemic will end. #CoronaNotOver @ Easter, Mr Trump!

How the Pandemic Will End  by Ed Young


UPDATE: 21.03.2020

#Corona  Break

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  1. tracybham
    Mar 26 2020

    What I have done (recently):
    Weeded in the front. I do a bit every day.
    Got distracted by too much online news.
    I have been reading but sometimes it is hard to concentrate.
    Lots of laundry.
    Grocery shopping… still looking for toilet paper although we are still OK for now. And kleenex because we all have allergies and use them a lot. Grocery shopping is adventure here with many shelves decimated.

    Take care.


    • Mar 26 2020

      Online grocery shopping is the way to go!
      Stocked up on kleenex as well…toilet paper is a non-issue here.
      I’m glad to hear other bloggers find it difficult to concentrate and read a book.
      I thought I was the only one with this problem. The news just sucks me in
      every single day. I have to learn to temper my tv updates and reserve some
      ‘down time reading’. I never thought I would ever have a problem reading a book…sometimes I would read 20 a month! Stay safe, Tracy.


  2. Mar 26 2020

    Keep well, Nancy!

    And what have I done? Very little reading, a bit of walking, much coronavirus tv watching, setting up some online social and organisational networks, but the most time and mental energy of all has been significantly upgrading, with my brother, a home care package for my 99-year-old father so my 90-year-old mother can cope better because in the middle of all this she went to hospital severely anaemic. It has not been easy in these times – and I worry now about all the people who will be coming in and out of their place – but it was that or aged care which is probably not a good place to be at the moment. Dad is mentally acute, but has some significant health issues resulting from two cancers in his 80s that need regular care.

    Next week, I hope to read more and do some serious decluttering.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mar 26 2020

      Oh, Sue…as the saying goes when it rains it pours. I wish you all the
      strength to manage the family situations and care of elderly parents.
      These times can drain our mental capacity. By that I mean there is so much going
      on there isn’t enough mental bandwidth and I feel I have no more room in this range to process the data we call a book.
      It will subside….as soon an the corona news indicates that ‘we have flattened the curve’.
      Stay safe, stay strong and stay healthy.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mar 30 2020

    Glad to hear your doing as well as can be expected Nancy.

    Tougher restrictions came into force in Australia today, thankfully it’s a grey, rainy day, so easier to stay indoors.
    We suspected these were coming in, so my Sunday was spent on a quick trip to the gardening centre to get some potting mix and herbs to redo all my pots and a trip to supermarket for milk, washing up detergent and meat. One walk to the park. One phone call with my parents (400kms away) and lots of text messages.

    I ‘should’ be reading 100 yrs of solitude, The Parisian and War & Peace, but they’re too hard for my brain right now, so I’ve picked up a Barbara Pym instead. Too much time on my phone reading and listening to covid-19 updates. But Mr Books & I have also started rewatching West Wing – started season 3 last night.

    This morning is the first time I’ve opened my blog in 2 weeks.


  4. Mar 30 2020

    Nancy, glad to know that you are as fine as can be under the circumstances. And am also glad to know that I am not the only one having problems concentrating while reading.

    Stay safe and healthy.



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