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March 21, 2020


#Corona Break

by N@ncy

  1. Time to do what must be done to stay safe.
  2. I am in ‘self-solitude’ for the next 3-4 weeks.
  3. I have enough books, Netflix,
  4. …Irish Whisky/wine and chocolate Easter Eggs.
  5. …and get my groceries online and delivered to my door.
  6. Mork (cat) has has volunteered to be my isolation partner
  7. but has warned me that he sleeps 18 hours a day
  8. ….puuuurfect….nice and quiet!
  9. Stay safe and
  10. #StayTheF**kHome
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  1. Mar 21 2020

    Self-solitude, does that mean it is not yet mandatory in the Netherlands?

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    • Mar 21 2020

      Not mandatory….all pubs, restaurants, cinema, theatre, sport clubs etc….all closed.
      Some large franchise stores are closing on their own decision. Basics are still readily available via grocery stores, pharmacies, petrol stations. No, NL, is not if full lockdown…yet. We are advised to stay home. No book clubs, birthday celebrations, discos, brunches….BBQ’s (…still to cold ha!) So I have home delivery for groceries, try to talk a morning walk with IPOD and audio book then I follow my new motto #StayTheF**KHome. This too shall pass…..and in a few months life will be different….but at least we will be alive if we follow the rules of ‘social distancing.’ There is not antidote for COVID-19…only your commonsense.


      • Mar 21 2020

        It all happened here so fast, I don’t think we had time as individuals to have to make the decision. So while its total mandatory confinement here, pharmacies, supermarkets, petrol stations and the Tabacs are still open, but we need to carry an attestation if we go out.
        Seriously g it coming I shopped a week ago and haven’t needed to go outside my residence yet. I take my walk within the residence not wishing to be accosted by authorities outside. Lots of stairs here! It’s actually quite serene, I think the decisiveness if the measures helped stem the panic, I haven’t witnessed any of the panic buying that’s said to be happening elsewhere.

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  2. Mar 21 2020

    Stay well Nancy xx

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    • Mar 21 2020

      You too, Cathy…I try to read but it just is impossible to concentrate. The news is on 24/7. I hope you are finding a good balance @home with your work, household and home schooling! In the Netherlands they have made 2,5 million euros available to supply any child who does NOT have a computer at home….with a IPAD special for the child’s ‘tele-‘ education. Final exams are canceled for grades 1-8 (…tests to see in which high level education they will flow into) and high school finals (..important for placement in universites) will take place I think…but they are working on a solution for this. I have one more #ReadingIrelandMonth20 review ready…luckily I read it in February before “…all hell broke loose and scared the bejesus out of us”!
      PS: see other comments to Claire for an NL update
      PPS: …having a post St. Patrick’s Day Irish coffee now (need some comfort)….it must be Ireland somewhere!


  3. Mar 21 2020

    Claire…I had been keeping up on the news in USA and read some feedback about Covid-19 in early February. I was curious about Trump’s complete denial of the approaching pandemic. He referred to at a rally as a ‘hoax’. Well, we all know why he has done this….does not want to spook the stockmarkets, increase unemployment and upset his political base and his chances for re-election. Now the markets have plummeted to new time lows….unemployment now 3,5 % is predicted to rise to 20%. This was stated by Trump’s own Sec Treasury Mnuchin…and STILL Trump denys that is will happen in a presser last week. Beyond sad. Tragic. On 29 February Trump said in South Carolina campaign rally called the coronavirus a “hoax.” That’s what the Mayor of Amity island said in the movie “JAWS” “The shark is a hoax”….and we all know how that turned out! So I was ‘heads-up’ 4 weeks ago. Canceled fitness, dentist check-up, hairdresser and facials. I KNEW I had to practice “social distancing”….before it became a headline on the nightly news. Not panic shopping here…not at all. Stay safe….


  4. tracybham
    Mar 21 2020

    You seem to be all prepared. The panic shopping here is one of the most disconcerting things. You can go out to shop but there may not be much there when you get to the store. I have been reading a lot and posting some but today I am feeling directionless. Take care.


    • Mar 21 2020

      Tracy, that is the word of the day: directionless.
      I cannot read….always checking the news etc. I am taking a hour walk in the morning with audio magazine. While I was walking and listening to The Economist magazine audio….the descriptions of ‘the news’ sounded like I was living through a SF narrative. Looking around I saw very few cars where on normal days it would be a full car park! It was just me and some birds on my walk…and they even looked a bit depressed! But at least …they can still fly! Thank goodness the Dutch are not panic buying. We are one of the largest producers of goods and veggies (…as is California!)…so there is enough for everybody. Eating more chocolate Easter eggs these days, but that is my only addiction!


  5. Stay well, my friend.


    • Mar 23 2020

      After watching the last Trump press conference….I think I should
      hope YOU stay well.

      The Netherlands seems to have ‘their act together”
      but USA has an acute shortage of PPE and ventilators.
      Wactching Trump refusing to trigger DEFENSE PRODUCTION ACT is shocking!


      Trumpianism at its best!! This is SHAMEFUL!

      This is a bit technical…but once I discovered the reason WHY Trump has NOT triggered the wartime law (Defense Production Act) to mobilize industry in virus response (making masks, protective gowns and ventilators)
      ….ALL the puzzle pieces fell in place!

      1. Longstanding conservative opposition to big government.
      Business CEO’s contacted Trump and PUSHED BACK
      the idea of implementing the Defense Production Act.
      They did not want to be ‘government controlled. Trump listened to THEM.
      ..instead of acting in the well being of US citizens durning a national corona crisis!!

      Translation Trump: I’m sorry, folks. I know tens of thousands are seriously at risk, but it’s really important to me that I adhere to my ideological purity without critical thought.

      2. Keeping the power of the federal government
      out of the production side is profitable

      Translation Trump: restricting supply is
      the classic move to drive up price.
      So, who’s been buying 3M (producer of surgical masks) stocks lately?
      Hmmm…I wonder!


  6. Mar 26 2020

    Haha, love that “Mork (cat) has has volunteered to be my isolation partner … but has warned me that he sleeps 18 hours a day”

    BTW When I said in my comment on your later post that I am not reading much, that also includes people’s blogs!


    • Mar 26 2020

      …the news seems to absorb all my attention
      I haven’t even the energy to check out other blogs.
      Perhaps this is a good time to scale back and just
      share you experiences during this corona pandemic.
      It is a shame to use your time to write great reviews….that
      others …and I speak for myself ….cannot even process now.
      I thought 2019 was a wild year (1 new hip + 2 eye surgeries)
      I can only thank my “lucky Irish stars” that I don’t have ANY elective surgery planned in 2020.
      It would have been canceled b/c of corona.


      • Mar 27 2020

        I will get back to reading and reviews soon I think, but clearly fewer people are reading blogs. That’s ok. My pearls of wisdom are firstly for me!!!

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