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February 15, 2020


#Election (3) Unmaking of the Presidency

by N@ncy

  • Author:  S. Hennessey,  B. Wittes
  • Title: Unmaking the Presidency: Donald Trump’s War on the World’s Most Powerful Office
  • Published: 2020    (433 pages)
  • Genre:  non-fiction
  • List of Challenges 2020
  • Monthly plan



  1. Politics is not beanbag….it’s hardball.
  2. If you want to make an informed choice at the
  3. ballot box in November 2020 start by looking
  4. under the hood of Trump and his
  5. … Administration in the White House.
  6. This is not a book. This is an achievement
  7. The Electoral College ushered Trump into office 2016
  8. …despite losing the popular vote (3-4 million votes).
  9. If Trump wins again in 2020…the question is:
  10. has the public accepted as tolerable Trump’s presidency that
  11. …is fundamentally about the vanity of one individual?
  12. Be afraid, be very afraid in these dystopian times.
  13. #MustRead


  1. Speech:
  2. Stream-of- consciousness, (example East Room Speech dd 07 February 2020)
  3. Proudly illiterate; misspellings, Kansas City Chiefs
  4. …Super Bowl winners…from Kansas or Missouri?
  5. Trump does not speak to persuade, never makes an argument
  6. …but constantly repeats epithets (Sleep Joe, Shifty Schiff) and
  7. …slogans (MAGA, KAGA. Do Nothing Dems, Hoax, Witch Hunt)
  8. to  keep the base mobilized and validated.
  9. Lies:
  10. Trump does not ‘tap dance around the truth….he is a pathological
  11. …liar about everything!!  (example SOTU address dd 04 February 2020)
  12. Mueller Report:
  13. Trump feels like ‘victim-in-chief’.
  14. Kingship:
  15. I have the absolute right….to even pardon myself!
  16. Management style:
  17. Governs in eruptions;  Trump attacks opponents via Dept of Justice
  18. New York Times  Editorial Board dd 13 February was very clear:
  19. TRUMP does NOT have the authority to run the DOJ
    — like a goon squad at one of his failed casinos.
  20. What has Attorney Bill Barr done for Trump?
    misled the public about the findings from special counsel Robert S. Mueller III,
    cleared Trump of obstruction of justice,
    embraced Trump’s claim that the FBI was “spying” on him,
    worked to discredit the Russia probe,
    disputed the inspector general’s finding that the probe had a proper basis
    commissioned another probe in pursuit of his desired outcome
    declined to investigate the Ukraine allegations
    announced softened sentencing recommendations for Trump pal Roger Stone
    after Trump demanded it.
    investigating the prosecution of another former Trump aide, Michael Flynn.
  21. Foreign Policy:
  22. Shoot-from-the-hip deal-making,  does not want to listen to his Generals.
  23. Many foreign interlocutors simply ignore what the president says.
  24. But I don’t think the Turkish President Erdogan will EVER forget Trump’s
  25. ….brash personal letter in which he warned
  26. …not to be a “tough guy” or a “fool,” and
  27. …said he risked being remembered as “the devil”.  #OUCH


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  1. Feb 15 2020

    I’ve really felt done with books about this administration after reading so many over the last couple of years but the way you describe this one is too much. Thanks for convincing me. This sounds so important.


    • Feb 15 2020

      This book stands out with the quality of the writing and analysis.
      Other books like A Warning and A Very Stable Genius draw their strength from
      dialogue in documents. Nice…but I prefer analysis!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Louise Minervino
    Feb 16 2020

    The press keeps saying Trump lost by 3 million votes. Actually Trump lost by 10 million votes… Hillary beat him by 3 million.


    • Feb 16 2020

      I stand corrected!! Thanks, Louise!



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