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January 17, 2020



by NancyElin


  1. I concede defeat.
  2. I cast my shield and sword  on the ground and beg for release.
  3. If release is granted I will leave the battlefield alive.
  4. I hope my fellow fighters (readers) will give me support in the
  5. form on a ‘thumbs-up’ gesture.
  6. …1 year only reading non-fiction?
  7. at least I tried!


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  1. Jan 17 2020

    I have one word for you dear Nancy – balance 😊
    And now, what will your first fiction of 2020 be?

    • Jan 17 2020

      I accept that word as my motto for 2020!
      What will be my first fiction read ? I have the entire day
      to decide!! 🙂

      • Jan 22 2020

        First fiction read was: The High Places ( 13 short stories) Fiona McFarlane!

  2. Jan 17 2020

    I saw the post title come through and I guessed what it was about! Good for you. There are no rules for reading (unless you are paid to do it) so read what you really want to read. As Brona said, balance is good!

    • Jan 17 2020

      I tried…I really tried but I’m too much of a romantic, lover of prose, poetry and storytelling!
      I know more about JFK’s 1963 assassination than is healthy…do I feel enriched? No, I feel enraged.
      Now that is not how want to spend my hours of reading with my “new eyes and reading glasses!”

  3. tracybham
    Jan 17 2020

    When I was thinking about a word for the year (for me), balance was one I considered. Thus I applaud Brona’s response. I would be very sad without fiction in my life, but I need to add more non-fiction.

    I look forward to hearing what your first fiction read for the year is.

    • Jan 17 2020

      Balance…feels great!
      First fiction……will choose my book carefully and let you know tomorrow!


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