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November 26, 2019


#Non-Fiction Mr Putin: Operative in the Kremlin

by N@ncy

  • Author:  Dr. Fiona Hill
  • Title: Mr Putin: Operative in the Kremlin (2012)
  • Published: 2015 (expanded version, paperback edition)
  • Genre:  non-fiction
  • List of Challenges 2019
  • Monthly plan
  • #NonFicNov



  1. I am watching the Impeachment Hearings
  2. …on television this week. (21-25 November)
  3. The officials who testified were nearly all career diplomats and
  4. nonpartisan experts, professionals.
  5. They decided, at genuine risk, to fulfill  their
  6. legal and moral obligation” to appear before Congress.
  7. I was so impressed by Dr. Fiona Hill.
  8. …for her smarts, directness, and her steely self-confidence
  9. She said she felt a “duty” to testify.
  10. She is an example to many potential witnesses who
  11. …will not testify…to finally “woman-up”.
  12. Dr. Fiona Hill was NOT someone the Republicans wanted to hear from.
  13. I KNEW  after her testimony…I had to read her book!



Why is Putin the world’s new strong guy
…and why should you know more about him?

Read this impressive book for beginners
Putin 101.

Russia has an
— economy the size of Spain
— corruption on a par with Papua New Guinea
— life expectancy below Libya

But Putin is still the puppet master and is pulling the strings!

— well-armed, largely professional fighting force
— is politically more astute than the West
— sticks by his allies.
— plays to his strengths
— does not buckle under pressure…he adapts.
— does not create a vacuum that can be filled by a rival power




Studies the six identities of Putin
looking at the details,
their central elements, evolution
and  roots in Russian history and culture.
First three identities are goal oriented
Statist, History Man, Survivalist.



The last three identities are more personal:
Outsider, Free-Marketeer, Case Officer.
Putin used certain means to achieve his ends
his childhood, working class, KGB training
spycraft in East Germany and
…local government in St. Petersburg.


Book’s Objective:

Trace the evolution of Putin’s thinking
Russia vs outside world.
Show how Putin translated this thinking
into action as Operative Abroad.



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  1. Nov 27 2019

    Reblogged this on penwithlit.

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  2. Nov 27 2019

    Reminds me of “Mafia State” by Luke Harding also a great read on Russia today.

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    • Nov 27 2019

      I read Luke Harding’s “Very Expensive Poison” (review dd June 20 2018)…great read on Russia!



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