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November 12, 2019


#AUSReadingMonth Dr. Space Junk vs The Universe

by N@ncy



  1. The 52-year-old space archaeologist at
  2. …Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia,
  3. is living her childhood dream.
  4. She is weighing up spacecraft,
  5. landing sites and debris flying around Earth and
  6. deciding if a relic should be preserved or
  7. …simply remain  junk based on its cultural and heritage value.


Core message:

  1. Ms Gorman wants to take a physical journey through the solar system and
  2. ….a conceptual journey into human interactions with space.



  1. This is not a book to read in bed
  2. …the first 2 chapters…I kept falling asleep.
  3. Not the most interesting subjects…


  1. Project Moonwatch…citizens watching for  satellites with binoculars/telescopes
  2. Ham radio amateurs ….citizens listening to space-age sounds in  sheds and backyards
  3. Attempted space probes by Soviet Union (1961-1984) to reach Venus…Venera landers
  4. Musk’s red sports car jettisoned into space…..not interested
  5. Food to commemorate space ….the intangible heritage of the Space Age? …not interested
  6. Culinary legacy of the Cold War: Sputnik cocktail,
  7. …olive with toothpicks = Sputnik…not interested.
  8. TV and space: My Favorite Martian, I Dream of Jeannie...not interested
  9. Companies who will launch you ashes inside a spacecraft into low orbit....not interested
  10. and the book goes on, and on, and on like this ad nauseam



  1. Book was like a dog’s breakfast….a failed culinary effort.
  2. It felt confused, slapdash, unfocused, rambling and prolific repetition.
  3. I started the book with high hopes
  4. …but with each chapter I struggled to
  5. get through the next few pages.
  6. All that was left was to skim and look away.
  7. Dr Space Junk vs The Universe?
  8. It was a junk heap of words.
  9. #Bah
  10. …….a dull book which even drink can’t enliven much.




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  1. Nov 12 2019

    Tell me what you really think Nancy!!
    Love it when you passionately defend (or not) a book.
    I have this on my TBR pile, so I will get back to you about my thoughts later….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nov 13 2019

      I expected more science and less references to trivia (Sputnik Cocktail?) literature (Romeo and Juliet) to give the book a quirky spin.
      I’m sure Alice Gorman is an expert in her field but her attempt to tell so much skipping from something interesting (space probes to Venus…did not know about this)…to her days on the sheep farm with her father. It just felt all mixed together is a strange way. Try the book…you may like and I will get back to you!

      Liked by 1 person


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