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November 1, 2019


Q&A Australian Reading Month 2019

by N@ncy


  • I cannot wait to start #AUSReadingMonth  2019!
  • This day has been circled on my calendar for two reasons:
  • — enjoy reading Australian  writers
  • — enjoy being physically fit with
  • ….my new hip
  • …and able to  concentrate, read and review.


Aussie Q&A

1. Who are you?  Nancy Burns
Where in the world are you?  The Netherlands

What are your impressions of the reading & writing scene in Australia?
Interesting literary awards  which I follow closely.
I try to read as many shortlisted books
as I can before the awards are presented:


NSW Premier’s Award shortlist:  (reviews on page AUSTRALIAN WRITERS)
Stella Prize Shortlist:  (reviews on page AUSTRALIAN WRITERS)
I discovered Okham New Zealand Award Shortlist!  (reviews on page AUSTRALIAN WRITERS)

2. Tell us about the Australian books you’ve read so far this year.
What were your favourites?  (see  other questions  for answers)

3. Have you ever visited Australia?  Never
…think about it often!
What are the pro’s and con’s about traveling to/in Australia for you?
The long flight to Australia….!! (con)
Seeing Green Island Reef Carins Australia
….or the Blue Mountains with my own eyes! (pro)
Where would you visit?
I would love to combine a visit to Australia and attend some
Australian Writing Festivals (Sydney, Melbourne).
Also I’d love to attend some plays in Sydney and visit the Opera House!
NSW Art Gallery, Brett Whiteley Studio would be
….a pilgramage for me…to finally see this great
Australian artist!
After reading a book by Rebe Taylor
visit this remote part of the world!
Billy Griffith’s award winning book
Deep Time Dreaming captured my imagination!
The Franklin River Dispute in Tasmania was  an
explosive ecological and political debacle (ch 9)
This foto by Peter Dombrovskis takes me halfway
…across the world to  Morning Mist Rock Island Bend,Tasmania!
4. Do you have a favourite Australian author or book?
One one of my favorites is….Thea Astley.
I’m trying to  readall of her books….


Short stories

Many of her books are not available digital…so I have to search for paperbacks!

5. What are you reading goals for AusReadingMonth 2019?
Polonius:  “What do you read, my lord?
Hamlet: Words….words…words….”
Bonus Question:
Can you name our current Prime Minister (plus four more from memory)?

Do you know any Australian Prime Ministers…without Googling

Mr. Deakin

  1. Why do I know this PM without Googling?
  2. I read his biography…The Enigmatic Mr. Deakin!


Robert Menzies

  1. Why do I know this PM without Googling?
  2. I read about the nuclear tests, clean-up and cover-up
  3. ..under his government in Atomic Thunder.


Scott Morris (on) (current PM)

  1. …recently in the news because of his election!


Juliet Gallard (spelling?)

  1. Two years ago in my  Q&A I could only recall her face
  2. …and then Brona reminded me of her name!


Tony  Abbot

  1. Wow…I had to think long and deep to
  2. remember him!
  3. I never forgot his ears!

Did I win the bonus prize, Brona?



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3 Comments Post a comment
  1. Nov 2 2019

    Mr Books & I had a good chuckle about Tony Abbott’s ears!!
    Deep Time Dreaming is in my wishlist, but I don’t get to it this month. I have too many things happening during the first fortnight. So my goals are to finish the 5 half read Aussie books by my bed. Three Helen Garner’s, a Griffith Review & The Drovers Wives.
    I also have Talking to My Daughter About the Economy by Yanis Varoufakis half read which has an Australian connection, given that said daughter lives in Sydney & Yanis became an Australian citizen in 1991 & still regularly appears here at writers festivals (Sydney again next year I believe).

    Thanks for your enthusiastic response. I hope you fit in another Astley this month 😊


    • Nov 2 2019

      Love filling in your Q&A! You can see by my Australian reading my knowledge about your country is increasing! I do have a Thea Astley all ready to be uploaded! I will put Yanis’s book on my Non-Fiction TBR 2020. He had a real “head-to-head” show down here at the European Union during the monetary crisis a few years ago. His nemesis was OUR Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem!! (…if looks could kill!)
      Preparing for many changes in 2020….I am considering reading the enitre year in NON-FICTION! Making lists of books that fit into challenges I still want to participate in!
      Do you have any ideas about your reading plans for 2020?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nov 2 2019

        Not yet Nancy. Just need to get through November first!! Moby-dick runs through to the end of Feb as well. So that’s as far ahead as I’ve thought.


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