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September 12, 2019


#AWW2019 ‘My trip Down Under’

by N@ncy

Green Island Reef, Carins Australia

  1. It is time to turn off NETFLIX and
  2. ….get back to reading!
  3. I’ve made a list for
  4. ….my literary trip Down Under
  5. reading some great Australian female authors.
  6. It’s summer down there so here I come!
  7. List of Challenges 2019
  8. Monthly reading plan
  9. #AWW2019 
  10. @AusWomenWriters


My List:

  1. Everywhere I Look Helen Garner – READ
  2. A Kindness Cup – Thea Astley – READ  – paperback (…need magnifying glass!)
  3. Drylands – Thea Astley – audio book
  4. It’s Raining in Mango – Thea Astley audio book
  5. True Stories – Helen Garner – audio book
  6. Wild Sea: A History of the Southern Ocean – Joy McCann – Kindle
  7. Say No To Death – Dymphna Cusack – Kindle
  8. The Timeless Land – Eleanor Dark – Kindle
  9. The Man on the Headland – Kylie Tennant – Kindle
  10. The Commandant – Jessica Anderson Kindle
  11. The Torrents (play) – Oriel Gray – Kindle
  12. Highway of Lost Hearts (play) – Mary Anne Butler – Kindle
  13. Transparency (play) – Suzie Miller – Kindle
  14. SHIT (play) – Patricia Cornelius – Kindle
  15. Honour (play)Joanna Murray-Smith – Kindle
  16. The Dead Still Cry Out: Story of a Combat Cameraman – Helen Lewis – Kindle
  17. Danger Music – Eddie Ayres – Kindle
  18. Dr Space Junk vs The Universe: Archaeology and the future – Alice Gorman – paperback
  19. An Item from the Late News – Thea Astley – paperback


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  1. Sep 16 2019

    I’ve only read number 1 & 10 on your list. Loved both a lot.
    I have 4,5,6&8 on my tbr pile and 18 is by the sister in law of my new boss!! Can’t wait to hear what you think 🤔


    • Sep 16 2019

      I’ve started True Stories (audio book) because I need a book in the evenings after my eye have worn out.
      Garmer’s book is engaging.
      Dr Space will be released here Nov 19 hardcover…so I ‘ll wait til the paperback is available.
      After I finish Astley I’ll start Wild Sea….this book sounds fascinating
      and good for #WorldFromMyArmchair!
      Reading.. but it is slow going…eyes are just about exhausted.
      I getting new lenses implanted (cataracts) in both eyes in December….then
      I’ll get back to my ol’ reading speed!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sep 16 2019

        Wow what a year for you – your eyes & your hip?


      • Sep 16 2019

        I know…I’ve accepted the fact the it is time for a major maintenance on moving parts and eyes! Once I get my “tune up” I’ll be back riding on all four wheels! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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