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August 23, 2019


#TBR 2018 update 25.09.2019

by N@ncy


  1. When will I ever manage to read all these books?
  2. My first plan of action:
  3. List: books bought 2018
  4. Goal: READ these books in 2019-2020 (no new books!)
  5. Start challenge: 23 August  2019
  6. End challenge: 31 March 2020
  7. 2018 TBR     9/63


My new reading motto:

Just remember, when you should grab something,
grab it;
when you should let go,
let go.”

— Taoist proverb


UPDATE: 25.09.2019

  1. The Afterlife of Edgar Allan Poe  – S. Peeples – READING  (TBR 2016)



UPDATE: 04.09.2019

  • First new book since 06 June 2019!
  • I just made an exception …..just once!

Finished: 04.09.2019
Genre: non-fiction
Rating: A++++
#NewBook… made an exception for this one!
I was looking for a do-able fitness routine that can be done @home
in combination is a 21 day eating plan.
3 days per week of 30 minutes exercise (…not an exhausting routine, really!)
I’ve followed the menu plan for the first 3 days
…and I am VERY impressed with recepies! Delicious!
Elkaim does fill many chapters about the nuts and bolts of why
many people have difficulty losing weight
(some scientific basic knowledge how the body stores fat)
which I found interesting.
This plan can be easily incorporated into my lifestyle long term.
Caveat: NO BREAD….but I don’t miss it at all!
#PerfectDietBook….in any case it is for me!



January 2018 – MUST READ   9/11 TBR

  1. Alibis: Essays of Elsewhere – André Aciman
  2. Findings (K. Jamie)

UPDATE: 23.08.2019

  • The Empty Family –  C. Tóibin (9 short stories) – READ (review)
  • Finished: 22.08.2019
    Genre: short stories (9)
    Rating: D –
    First story was the ‘hook’
    One Minus One: very moving…
    …but the rest of the book was a huge disappointment.
    It was painful to keep reading…no ‘great writing’.
    This is my second Tóibin book…and it is my last.


UPDATE: 23.08.2019

  1. Best US Essays 2017READ (20 essays) (review)
  2. Starting some Best American Essays 2017.
  3. I’m taking them as they come
  4. I may like some more than others essays
  5. ….and perhaps a few not at all.
  6. Finished: 24.08.2019
    Genre: essays
    Rating: D-
    #TBR list 2018
    Not the best collection I’ve ever read!
    If you are looking for some great essays
    …I’ve added some suggestions in this review.
  7. Look for Rachel Ghansah in articles in The Atlantic and
  8. her Pulitzer Prize winning article in GQ.
    I’m sure if you Google her name you’ll find more in
  9. The New York Times and The Guardian.
  10. Wikipedia was my first stop
  11. …truly inspirational how she writes! I jealous of her talents!


UPDATE: 24.08.2019

  1. America’s War for the Greater Middle East – A. Bacevich – READ (review)
  2. Finished: 25.08.2019
    Genre: non-fiction
    Rating: A
    #TBR list 2018
    USA fights wars:
    …1776 for independence
    …1861 for slavery
    …1980 US embarks upon a war for oil
    But why does this last war go on for almost 40 years?
    Bacevich sheds light on this endless war.


UPDATE: 25.08.2019

  1. My Name is Leon – Kit de Waal – READ (review)
  2. Finished: 25.08.2019
    Genre: fiction
    Rating: C
    #TBR list 2018
    So many people love this book
    …why didn’t I love it?
    I have been racking my brain for the answer.
    It is well written and not over sentimental.
    Lots of people connect with emotional,
    difficult subjects for example
    Leon a child  who needs foster care.
    It’s really about being interested
    in human nature
    …but the book just makes me sad.


UPDATE: 25.08.2019

  1. A Time for Gifts – P. Fermor – READ (review)
  2. Finished: 26.08.2019
    Genre: non-fiction
    Rating: D
    #TBR list 2018
    The books has its moments….
    …but I didn’t feel it was a great travelogue.


UPDATE: 25.08.2019

  1. Billion Dollar Spy – D. Hoffman – READ  (review)
  2. Finished: 26.08.2019
    Genre: non-fiction
    Rating: D
    #TBR list 2018
    Not every spy exposé is a home run!
    Book is filled with long descriptions of
    car surveillance, dead drops and pop-up
    cake that turn into 2 dimensional doll.
    Not interested.
    Just look up some spy names:
    Tolkachev, Edward L. Howard, Aldrich Ames
    in Wikipedia and you’ve read the book!


UPDATE: 26.08.2019

  1. Spy of the First Person – Sam Shepard – READ (review)
  2. Finished: 27.08.2019
    Rating: B-
    #TBR list 2018
    This is Sam Shepard’s last book…
    Just 92 pages…but it packs a punch.
    You may like it..maybe not.
    Shepard is a stronger playwright than
    fiction writer.


UPDATE: 27.08.2019

  1. A Wizard of Earthsea – U Le Guin – READ (DNF)
  2. Finished: 27.08.2019
    Genre:  fantasy
    Rating:  none
    #TBR list 2018
    I did not finish this book
  3. ….I didn’t even start it.
  4. I love Le Guin, great woman
  5. ….but I am  just NOT made for
  6. magic, talented boy going to a wizard’s school and
  7. and shadows chasing him around
  8. #HonestOpinion


  1. Fancies and Goodnights – J. Collier (32 short stories) – READ (review)
Finished: 22.08.2019
Genre: short stories
Rating: D –
#TBR list January 2018
Bottle Party – reviewed — good (…story  was the ‘hook’ to keep me reading)
Collier was British novelist, poet and occasional screenwriter…best known as the author of macabre or bizarre short stories with trick endings. Tone: spooky! The main character Franklin Fletcher wants a hobby and buys a Jinn in a bottle to grant his wishes: palace with the most beautiful girl in the world. Of course strange things happen! I loved Collier’s description right out of a Hollywood B-film: plump and dusky muscles (swarthy or dark-skinned); the Jinn withdrew with a a soapy smile (excessively suave or ingratiating). MORAL: don’t fear one who attacks… fear the fake friend that hugs you! The rest….
De Mortuis – average…10 min reading time
Evening Primrose – …confusing not good – 18 min
Witch’s Money – awful – 12 min
The Touch of Nutmeg Makes It – awful – 8 min
Three Bears Cottage – awful – 5 min
Wet Sunday – awful – 10 min
Squirrels Have Bright Eyes – awful – 10 min
…time to pull the plug on this one!


February  2018  – MUST READ   0/5 TBR

  1. The Break  – M. Keyes
  2. The China Model: Political Meritocracy (NF) – D. Bell
  3. Secret Pigeon Service (NF) – G. Corera
  4. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (play) – S. Stephens
  5. Bookworm: A Memoir  – L. Mangan


March  2018  – MUST READ   0/10 TBR

  1. Three Plays: The Fiddler’s House, The Land, T. Muskerry – by Padraic Colum
  2. In the Woods – Tana French (CF)
  3. Patrick Kavanagh, A Biography — A. Quinn (NF)
  4. The Prophets of Eternal Fjord – K.L. Rasmussen (novel)
  5. Russian Émigré Stories – Karetnyk (short stories)
  6. Joy Ride: Lives of th Theatricals – J. Lahr (NF)
  7. Ink – J.  Graham (play)
  8. The Ferryman – J. Butterworth (play)
  9. Labour of Love – J. Graham (play)
  10. The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree – S. Azar (novel)


April   2018  – MUST READ   0/5 TBR

  1. Silent Invasion – Clive Hamilton
  2. Enormous Changes at the Last Minute – G. Paley (short stories)
  3. See What I Have Done – S. Schmidt (novel)
  4. Notes on a Foreigen Country – S. Hansen (NF)
  5. The Unseen – R. Jacobsen


May   2018  – MUST READ   0/ 1 TBR

  1. The Torrents – O. Gray (play)


June   2018  – MUST READ   0/2  TBR

  1. Not That Bad – R. Gay
  2. Ghost Stories – C. Dickens


July   2018  – MUST READ   0/2   TBR

  1. Passage To India – E.M. Forster
  2. Richard the Third: The Great Debate – P.M. Kendall


August   2018  – MUST READ   0/6   TBR

  1. Suicide Club – R. Heng
  2. I Don’t Want to Know Anyone Too Well – N. Levine (short stories)
  3. The Town Below – R. Lemelin
  4. Midnight Queen – M.A. Fleming
  5. The Flying Years – F. Niven
  6. The Mayor of Côte St. Paul – C. Ronald


September   2018  – MUST READ   0/13   TBR

  1. Ghost Stories – E. Wharton
  2. The Beetle – R. Marsh
  3. A Warning to the Curious – M.R. James (short stories)
  4. Sharp Objects – G. Flynn
  5. A Life Underwater – C. Veron (NF)
  6. The High Places – F. McFarlane (short stories)
  7. Danger Music – E. Ayres (NF)
  8. Talking to My Country – S. Grant (NF)
  9. I, Clodia and Other Portraits – A. Jackson
  10. The Secrets She Keeps – M. Robotham
  11. May Week Was in June – C. James
  12. Snuff – T. Pratchett
  13. Dead Wake – E. Larson


October   2018  – MUST READ   0/2   TBR

  1. Motherhood – S. Heti
  2. The Halloween Tree – R. Bradbury


November   2018  – MUST READ   0/5   TBR

  1. Selected Essays – A.S. Byatt
  2. A Short History of the World – H.G. Wells
  3. The Little Years – J. Mighton (play)
  4. Landscape With Landscape – G. Murnane
  5. Waiting for Elijah – K. Wild


December   2018  – MUST READ   0/1  TBR

  1. The Christmas Tree – Jennifer Johnston (novel)
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  1. Aug 23 2019

    What a list! Such a variety, and many books I’ve never heard of. Indeed the main ones I’ve heard of are the classics – like A passage to India which I’ve read, and Wharton’s Ghost stories of which I think I may have read one but I don’t really go for ghost stories.

    Good luck!


    • Aug 23 2019

      Sue, I am amazed at some of these book purchases….’What was I thinking?”
      Those ghost stories were probably in preparation for a October pre-Halloween challenge.
      I am sticking to my new mottos (…let it go) if I feel the book is not worth my reading time.
      I haven’t bought a book in months….and in the future will be very careful which ones I ‘really’ want and not books on a whim or luke-warm review on a blog. “Think before you buy” (…my second motto!)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aug 23 2019

    Sue, starting some NF Best American Essays 2017. I’m taking them as they come
    …I may like some more than others essays….and perhaps a few not at all. Just enjoying a Friday Indian Summer day with essays and coffee!



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