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August 17, 2019


#AWW 2019 Ashley Kalagian Blunt

by N@ncy




  1. Ashely Blunt is a young Australian author
  2. …but she writes like a seasoned pro!
  3. I was very impressed by her writing skills.
  4. Her writing is designed to draw the reader
  5. effortlessly from page to page
  6. windowpane prose, clear and quick.
  7. #Bravo



My notes:

POV: story from the POV of the less violent brother Verzh
to contrast him with is Armen (violent)

Strong point: The powerful theme of revenge shows
the destructive nature it has over people.
When a person becomes consumed with the desire for vengeance,
it ultimately destroys them.

Strong point:  fast paced, text is sharp and short…
I can rarely find an adverbs that would slow text down.
Actions are indicated by a carefully selected verb…that say it all.

Strong point: concentrates on the five senses
activities and smells of in the kitchen in the first few pages brings the story immediately to life
kitchen smelt gound lamb an onion
platters piled with roast eggplant, capsicum and lamb skewers
vine leaves stuffed with rice and lamb
dolma slick with olive oil
…You can see can smell it in your imagination!

Strong point:   imply violence… in narrative instead of burdening
reader with blood and gore on the page.
Details are left to the reader’s imagination.

Strong point: let body revel the emotions” as the character works through problem he’s facing.


  • shoulders hunched,
  • thumbs squeezed inside fists,
  • thick shoulders, full head of coal black waves,
  • fingers tight around the gun handle,
  • wore aviators his eyes mirrored
  • voice low, steel running through it,
  • calves already cramping,
  • hamstring seized,
  • shoulders military square,
  • eyes bore through him like a x-ray,
  • pushed glasses up with index finger
  • smacked his fists to his thighs,
  • fists came up in frustration
  • arms tight against chest, shoulders hunched,
  • hands shoved under thighs,
  • raised one meaty hand,
  • knees shaking,
  • held had over her heart,
  • dropped his head into his hands,
  • felt ribs tighten
  • thrust chin out, clenched an unclenched his hands,
  • unsteady hand,
  • knees threatened to buckle
  • flinging his arms,
  • skeletal edges of his cheeks,
  • eyes stared at the ceiling,
  • withered muscles,



Strong point: pull the camera in close


  • sweat streaked his forehead
  • scar across left cheek
  • sweat patch on back of his shirt
  • sucked in a shaky breath
  • biting his lip
  • pain spread into his temple..his teeth
  • blood trickled…from his nose,
  • ground his jaw
  • two gold teeth glinted between Softie’s lips
  • raised an eyebrow
  • ran his tongue over his top front teeth
  • upper lip bulging
  • fingernails dug into his palms
  • narrowed eyes fixed on his brother
  • felt his cheek twitch
  • sharp nod
  • glasses slid along the sweat of his nose
  • eyeballs locking on him, cheeks burned,
  • forehead vein pulsing
  • dug toes into thick pile of the rug
  • mustache curled at one side, lifted by a half-smile
  • squeezed the heals of his hands against his temples
  • neck muscles taut like rope
  • running knife under his fingernails



Present – assassination news spreads…Vrezh must know if brother is involved
Flashback – 10 years ago school after coming to Australia
Present – 1 month after assassination Vrezh secretly following brother
Present- interview Softie and Verzh (Sofite = describes father and brotherhood he belonged to)
Present – Verzh and brother drive back to Sydney
Flashback – 10 years agoVerzh called to school rector’s office
Present – 2 months after assassination – description Softie’s shearing shed and meetings for nest plans
Flashback – 10 years ago… school Anzac Day April 25 speech
Present – Verzh things about Softie’s order….learn about bombs
Present – verzh debating with himself if he can set off the bomb…Verzh has a plan
Present – Verzh has recording device
Present – Verzh visits Softie alone…and the shearing shed goes up in flames
Present – Verzh in hospital…six days later he is released
Present – Years later…..end


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