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August 3, 2019


#TBR 2019 list: Tin Man

by NancyElin

  • Author: S. Winman
  • Title: Tin Man
  • Trivia: 2017 shortlist Costa book Awards
  • Trivia 2019 longlist Dublin Literary Award


Finished: 03.08.2019
Genre: novel
Rating: C-

  1. This book is about loneliness.
  2. I found the book to be an attempt to
  3. paint loneliness with landscapes….
  4. (sunflowers fill the frame,
  5. swallows soar with heat on their wings (pg 210)
  6. and not describe
  7. the deep feeling of loneliness
  8. …like a mould growing slowly around you.
  9. Yes there are cries of the heart that evoke your emotions
  10. …but all in all the book was too lyrical, too sugar-spin sweet
  11. and just seemed to scratch the surface of the ache of loss.
  12. #Disappointed
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  1. Aug 4 2019

    I adored When God Was a Rabbit, but the Year of Marvellous things left me cold. I couldn’t finish it, so I didn’t even try this one. I suspect I would have the same reaction as you on this one.

    • Aug 4 2019

      So strange….sometimes an author writes one of the best books I’ve read…then BAM
      I am so disappointed. I feel what you are saying…experienced it with The Shepherd’s Hut (review on Gooodreads). Cloudstreet was brilliant…funny and moving at the same time. Shepherd’s Hut? What was TW thinking? ..this is not literature…just foul mouthed dialogue that is tedious and frankly unreadable! Thanks for you comment!

  2. Aug 5 2019

    I’m a sucker for a cliche I guess but I really liked Tin Man! It did lay on the pathos a bit heavy in places but I still liked it – there was something decent and endearing about the characters that pulled it back for me. It’s the only Tim Winton novel I’ve read but have got When God Was A Rabbit in one of the unopened piles somewhere……!

    • Aug 5 2019

      Thanks so much for your comment, Col.
      I read both the winner of Costa Award 2017 and this shortlisted book for the same prize back-to-back. Then I compared the impact of both books on the subject of loneliness. The stark difference in approaching loss….probably was an big factor
      that influenced my review of Tin Man.
      After reading Gail Honeyman’s book “Eleanor Oliphant is Compelety Fine’ (winner Costa Award 2017)….Tin Man felt “tinny”.

      • Aug 5 2019

        I’d agree in that context – it was nowhere near as good or as sharp as Elinor Oliphant. Looking back I read it after I’d finished Anthony Beevor’s Arnhem so maybe personal reading history context is everything??!!!!!

  3. Aug 5 2019

    Gail Honeyman use a cliché …”blew me away”. She touched a nerve and that is amazing for a debut novel! Speaking of nerves…I’m calming myself evenings with a tot of Irish Whisky and a good book. Why? In four weeks I’ll be getting a new hip! Decided to put some “intermediate tires (F1, ha!) on this Red Bull Racing car….me!


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