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April 25, 2019


#Ockham NZ Awards poetry Therese Lloyd

by N@ncy


Poem:  “no title”

  1. Just 64 words, no title, no punctuation, no capital letters.
  2. But this poem  had the
  3. …emotional impact of fear and hope.
  4. Fear moves one away from something a feeling
  5. “common and strangely comfortable.”
  6. Hope moves one towards something a feeling
  7. that starts with “a voiceless wish”.
  8. The heightened image of a ‘pinned down moth”
  9. who wants to fly home is beautiful.
  10. A moth where the ‘hot glass ceiling” (of specimen drawer)
  11. “reflected only her calm, resolute gaze.”
  12. How often do we feel ‘pinned down’?
  13. Conclusion: excellent poem to kick-off this collection
  14. it will linger in your mind.


Prose poem:   On Looking at Photographs in High School Yearbooks

Appears as prose (anecdotes about school chums and her mother)
Reads like poetry (…not really, no pattern, rhythm, rhyme)
No line breaks (…just paragraphs)

What can I find ‘poetic about it?
No much, no elaborate metaphors
but I did find one symbol: eclipse and
repetition of the word ‘lack’ to help me pinpoint
the core message of the prose poem.

Narrator: “…hated myself” for the “..lack of shimmer, the confusion
The yearbooks “brought a swift eclipse of 28 years.” (Re: symbol)
“There is always more lack waiting” and
it fell like a shadow (Re: phase of eclipse) over her life.
Now the yearbooks have shone light on her memories (Re: phase of eclipse)
and she discovers the faces of those girls (Re: in yearbooks)
“All naked and plain. We all had it.”


Poem: Y2k

  1. Y2K  (2 long stanzas) felt like to distinct poems.
  2. stanza 1:  What is humanness….what does it feel like?
  3. stanza 2:  NZ feels high-esteem “… That lovely conceit of time”
  4. …because in 2000 Gisbourne NZ felt the first rays of sunshine
  5. …in the new millennium.
  6. Conclusion: average poem with no emotional impact for me.


Poem:  On Metaphysical Insight  (metaphysical = ‘after the physical’)

  • It took me an hour to read 10 lines!
  • That attests to the Therese Lloyd’s talent.
  • She walks creatively into a painting by Ed Hopper
  • ….but the reader must discover
  • …which painting it is from the clues in the poem.
  • Lloyd opens the poem:
  • “Night-time alone suffocates colour.”
  • Now the reader must see the
  • …thick black oils, smeared yellow lights
  • and a frowning bowl of fruit
  • …to help  one to unlock this poem.
  • Conclusion: Chef d’oeuvre, master work!
  • I saw things in  Ed Hopper’s painting after reading
  • …this poem that I never saw before.


Most difficult section to comprehend:

Pg 34-43

  1. Lloyd wants to illustrate that poems echo
  2. and reecho against each other.
  3. ‘They cannot live alone anymore than we can”.
  4. Five poems and than five second drafts of these poems
  5. …were difficult  appreciate.
  6. I just do not have the poetic savvy
  7. to see connections or disjunction between the poems.
  8. Sigh.


Update:   I found the connections!      Now you try!


Best selection…..absolutely amazing.

  1. The Facts (pg 44-52)
  2. Listen to a broken heart….
  3. …it is sounds more like a confession.


Poem: Funeral Playlist  (pg  68)

  1. Never read a poem with a playlist before!
  2. With Spotify I listened to Lloyd’s selections.
  3. I tried to find the line(s) in the lyrics that would
  4. reveal the emotions Lloyd has hidden in this poem
  5. #Inventive
  6. Playlist:
  7. Into  My Arms (Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds)
  8. Here’s Where the Story Ends (The Sundays)
  9. Avalon (Brian Ferry, Roxy Music)



  1. I reviewed a few of the poems in this book.
  2. There are 32 poems divided into groups:
  3. Time — Desire — Absence.
  4. Lloyd writes 3 poems with reference to
  5. 3 paintings by Ed Hopper: Office at Night
  6. Western Hotel and Eleven a.m.
  7. If you place the image of the painting from Google images
  8. in front of you and then read these poems
  9. …it is an unique poetic experience!
  10. The Facts is MY CHOICE  to win
  11. Ockham NZ Book Award 2019 for poetry.
  12. It is the ONLY collection I could get my hands on
  13. before 14 May 2019.
  14. Will one of the other nominees win?
  15. …only the jury can tell us
  16. …and I will see if I agree after 15th of July
  17. when my books arrive!


Last thoughts:

  1. I think of reading  poetry in terms of Zen:
  2. Trying new things reminds us
  3. …that it’s ok to take small steps,
  4. to make a little progress each day.
  5. It’s ok to feel inept  at something at first.
  6. The goal is learning, not perfecting.

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