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April 23, 2019


#Ockham New Zealand Awards shortlist

by N@ncy
  • My next shortlist:  Ockham New Zealand Book Awards 2019
  • Kate Duignan
  • Lloyd Jones
  • Fiona Kidman
  • Vincent O’Sullivan
  • have all made the shortlist for the coveted $53,000 Fiction prize.
  • I won’t have much time to read them all because
  • the prize will be announced on 14 May 2019.
  • How many can I read before the deadline?
  • Today starts my Ockham Awards  read-a-thon!
  • My  POETRY predictions….will be late (pre-order books)



  1. The New Ships –  Kate Duignan – pre-order arrives 15 July!
  2. The Cage –  Lloyd Jones – READ (review)
  3. This Mortal Boy –  Fiona Kidman – READ (review)
  4. All This by Chance –  V. O’Sullivan – NOT reading…novel over 3 generations…not for me!



  1. Hudson & Halls: The Food of Love –  Joanne Drayton (no e-book yet…)
  2. Memory Pieces –  Maurice Gee – pre-order  arrives 08 Aug
  3. We Can Make a Life – C. Henry – READ
  4. With Them Through Hell  – Anna Rogers – NOT READING
  5. (only in hardcover and costs 68 euros! (...too expensive for me!)



  1. Are Friends Electric ? – H. Heath (Ockham NZ Award poetry 2019) – READ
  2. There’s No Place Like the Internet in Springtime – E.Kennedy – pre-order 15 July
  3. The Facts Therese Lloyd READ
  4. Poūkahangatus by Tayi Tibble – pre-order 15 July
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  1. Apr 23 2019

    Well you get around the reading globe!! If it was me I’d say I’d read one before the deadline – but as it’s you wouldn’t be in least surprised if you read all of them by the deadline – except for the extortionate priced book ( I’d agree that 68 euros for a book is just wrong!!)


    • Apr 23 2019

      I’d love to read more poetry shortlisted books…but a country with 4,8million people (New Zealand)
      …a small book of poetry maybe too expensive to produce as an e-book!
      The Last Facts (Therese Lloyd is an e-book!!)
      …I read the first poem last night (64 words, no punctuation, no title)…but is SO impressive!
      I think I will look at the 2018 longlist Ockham Awards….perhaps I can find a few as e-book!



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