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March 1, 2019

#Fantasy Snuff by Terry Pratchett

by N@ncy


Finished: 28.02.2019
Genre: fantasy
Rating: B+


  1. Commander Vimes is persuaded by his wife, Lady Sybil
  2. and Lord Vetinari (boss) to take a family holiday.
  3. They go back to Sybil’s roots in the countryside.
  4. Comic relief: Wilikins, Vimes’s thug-turned-butler, accompanies them.
  5. As Vimes arrives in the countryside he senses crime.
  6. “Where there are little crimes, large crimes are not far behind”
  7. Commander Vimes, pg 169)
  8. Pratchett, though diagnosed in 2007 with dementia,
  9. penned a number of sizable pieces while living with the disease.
  10. He said only his spelling and typing were affected
  11. …..he still had the
  12. words to write 5 more Discworld novels.
  13. Snuff was great fun to read.
  14. I haven’t laughed out loud while reading…in a long time.
  15. I’d love to visit “the therapeutic baths at Ham-on-Rye” (pg 25)!


Last thoughts:

  • I would recommend using an audio book.
  • Through the voices the story and the
  • quirky characters come alive!


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