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February 7, 2019


#DNF: The Merchants of Truth

by N@ncy


Finished: 07.02.2019
Genre: non-fiction
Rating: NO SCORE


  1. I’m being brutally honest
  2. I wanted to love this book because I am a news-junkie.
  3. I thought I would enjoy knowing more about
  4. Buzzfeed and Vice…but the selections were bland.
  5. Techies are bringing entertainment not news.
  6. Buzz staying within boundaries but
  7. …Vice pushing the limits of ‘edgy’.
  8. Even the chapters about NYT and Washington Post
  9. …in part one could not
  10. ‘hook’ me into reading any further.
  11. Old school established customs/conservatism in
  12. boardrooms of the icons in the 1980s publishing world
  13. is not a great springboard into an interesting book.
  14. Scandals that brought down Peter Arnett and Dan Rather
  15. ….some millennials would say “Who?”


Last Thoughts:

  1. I used to force myself to finish everything I started,
  2. which I think is quite good discipline when you’re young,
  3. but once you’ve established your taste, and the penny drops
  4. that there are only a certain number of books
  5. you’ll get to read before you die
  6. So I’m closing this book and ….moving on.




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  1. Feb 7 2019

    Very interesting post. I loved your comment: ” the penny drops that there are only a certain number of books you’ll get to read before you die”. I am very aware of that now. I don’t have a problem not finishing non-fiction books but with fiction I do that rarely.


    • Feb 8 2019

      Tracy, I’m becoming very selective when it comes to reading now.
      Your passion (crime fiction) is not on my list, sorry.
      There are too many classics I want to read…and the clock it ticking!
      Thanks for you comments!


  2. Feb 9 2019

    It gets easier to DNF books every year. As life gets longer it feels shorter and faster. I want to read books I can enjoy and be excited about. I really appreciate your comment that we all have a finite number of books remaining to us. Here’s hoping it’s a high number!

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    • Feb 9 2019

      It is difficult to make choices at times….but crime fiction and most of the contemporary fiction wil not be on my TBR. There are so many GREAT books that have survived the test oof time and other Pulitzer Prize winners that I must read! Thanks so much for your comments.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Feb 13 2019

    Bravo. I’ve just made the painful decision to not finish a book that I had been anticipating highly & also came with glowing blogger reviews. But life is just too short.


    • Feb 13 2019

      Amen, to that!
      Now I’m going though the books TBR on my Kindle
      …and making a list of book that are not worth my reading time,
      Books I bought years ago…in another time and place.

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