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November 26, 2018


Best Australian Science Writing 2018

by NancyElin


  1. Robyn Arianrhod –  Quantum Entanglement  “spooky action at a distance”
  2. Does quantum physics melt your brain?
  3. Don’t panic. You’re not alone.
  4. I’m still confused.


  1. Alicia SometimesKilonova   (review)
  2. stunning poem and I added a video to the review!


  1. Nick O’MalleyBureaucratic Bungle
  2. This reads like “fiction”….a who dunnit and why?
  3. Who destroys the memory of the plant?
  4. Would you burn the Mona Lisa?


  1. Michael LucyThe Entangled Web  – Micius Satellite
  2. Quantum entanglement —physics at its strangest—
  3. it seems this is a trendy subject!
  4. has moved out of this world and into space.
  5. Micius sends quantum particles to ground
  6. …stations separated by 1200 kilometers
  7. smashing the previous world record.
  8. The result is a stepping stone to a
  9. space-based ‘unhackable’ quantum internet!
  10. Michael Lucy uses simple example to explain complex quantum theory.
  11. Now I’m starting to understand the basics of entanglement…
  12. …there’s still hope for this less confused reader.
  13. Now: bits out of a computer
  14. Future: qubits  (..good word for scrabble)…out of a quantum computer!


Richard Guilliaat The Quantum Queen

  1. Quantum physicist Michelle Simmons (51 yr)  was
  2. …declared Australian of the Year 2018.
  3. If building a quantum computer is not enough…
  4. …she is also the mother of three children!
  5. This interview with Ms Simmons just made me so proud
  6. of women choosing science and
  7. ….family  and becoming the best!

Other favorites:

  1. Jo Chandler – Journalist of the year 2017 Walkley Awards
  2. Ms Chandler tells us about the last battle against polio
  3. Michael Slezak – Is Ian Cured?
  4. Andrew Leigh – Placebo effects and sham surgeries
  5. Peter Dockrill – seafaring trapdoor spiders
  6. Fiona McMillan – reveals secrets about Paris gutters (jick)!
  7. Ashley Hay – Leonie, zebra shark is world news!
  8. Liam Mannix – edible drugs from lettuce….that’s amazing!
  9. Elizabeth Finkel – Editor-in-chief Cosmos magazine
  10. In this book she reveals some bad science involving
  11. cannabis treatments!
  12. Ms. Finkel won QLD Premier’s Literary Award 2004  for her
  13. article about Stem cells.
  14. Rick Shine – Toad invasion…man the battle stations…
  15. science written with a flair for humor. #MustRead



  1. This is a  treasure trove of topics!
  2. The essays and poems show us that
  3. …art and science feed off each other.
  4. I have given you a taste for what lies ahead
  5. in the rest of the book.
  6. Best Australian Science Writing 2018
  7. would be a great Christmas present
  8. …for that amateur scientist on your list!
  9. #EyeOpener


Last thoughts:

  1. I read the introduction to this anthology on the train.
  2. While walking home…
  3. I took Stephen Hawking’s advice:
  4. “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet!
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  1. Nov 27 2018

    I can’t wait to jump into these essays and stories – you’ve made them sound so enticing.

    • Nov 27 2018

      I am absolutely impressed with many, many of these essays!
      Rick Shine made me laugh out loud….Michael Lucy finally explained quantum mechanics
      in a way I could ( with difficulty) understand ‘entanglement’…and the ‘star-crossed lovers’ of neutorn stars was magical in Alicia Sometimes’ poem Kilonova.
      If you watch the video before and after reading the poem you and imagine the lover’s dance swirliing in space and see the gravitational waves their union produces! Look up at the stars and not down at your feet! (S. Hawking)


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