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November 23, 2018


#Non-fiction: Evicted: Poverty and Profit

by N@ncy


Who is Matthew Desmond?

  1. Matthew Desmond is a sociologist and  Professor of the
  2. …Social Sciences at Harvard University.
  3. In 2015, Desmond was awarded a MacArthur  ‘Genius Grant’
  4. …because Desmond has shown  extraordinary
  5. ..originality and dedication in his creative pursuits.


What is the book about?

  1. Matthew Desmond centers on eight Milwaukee Wisconsion
  2. families faced with losing their homes.
  3. He analyzes how an increase in evictions has affected
  4. …residents of America’s poorest cities.
  5. In larger cities like Washington D.C. the wait for
  6. ….public housing was counted in decades.
  7. A mother of a young child who put her name on the list
  8. …might be a grandmother by the time her application was reviewed.
  9. How can this happen in one of the richest countries on earth?
  10. The book also give us the landlord’s point of view.
  11. Many landlords were fearful of renting to poor residents in these neighborhoods.
  12. Landlord Sherrena knew that it could be extremely profitable.



  1. Arleen: she had 2 small children  Jafaris (5) and Jori (13).
  2. They had been evicted 3 x within 4 months.
  3. Arleen tried hard to make her livings quarters….a home.
  4. She did her best.
  5. Strong point:  Desmond does not only gives the reader a glimpse into
  6. …this side of life for many people
  7. ….he also suggests solutions for the problems.
  8. Arleen’s  favorite song was : Keep Ya Head Up.
  9. After I finished the book I sat and listened to
  10. 2PAC for the first time in my life.
  11. I followed the lyrics and listened.
  12. It is the essence of this book….’Keep Ya Head Up’.
  13. If you have the time…..
  14. …listen to the audio  4 min song.
  15. You won’t forget it.
  16. Poor black men were locked up (prison)
  17. …poor black women were locked out (evicted).


Last thoughts:

  1. My general feeling about the book?
  2. It was depressing…I was shocked how many people
  3. …struggle to keep a roof above their heads.
  4. Some people spend 80% monthly income on housing.
  5. What is left?


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