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November 23, 2018


Classic Club Spin # 19

by N@ncy

Did you say the C-word? 

  1. Chunkster:
  2. A chunkster is 450 pages or more of
  3. ADULT literature (fiction or nonfiction)
  4. … A chunkster should be a challenge.


The list:  CC Spin #19  @The Classics Club

  1. Moby Dick – H. Melville  (720  pg)      MY CHUNKSTER READ!!
  2. War and Peace – L. Tolstoy ( 1392 pg)
  3. The Old Curiosity Shop – C. Dickens (576 pg)
  4. Collected Short Stories of Katherine Mansfield (673 pg)
  5. The Gulag Archipelago –  A. Solzhenitsyn (496 pg)
  6. The Mill on the Floss – G. Eliot  (579 pg)
  7. East of Eden – J. Steinbeck (691 pg)
  8. Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen – (784 pg)
  9. Martin Chuzzlewit – C. Dickens (864 pg)
  10. Count of Monte Cristo – A. Dumas (640 pg)
  11. Oliver Twist – C. Dickens (512 pg)
  12. Humboldt’s Gift – S. Bellow (512 pg)
  13. Vanity Fair – W. Thackeray (912 pg)
  14. Wuthering Heights – E. Brontë  (450 pg)
  15. Sybil – B. Disraeli – (450 pg)
  16. Grand Days – F. Moorhouse (678 pg)
  17. Master and Commander – P. O’ Brian (457 pg)
  18. Swords and Crowns and Rings – R. Park (450 pg)
  19. The Man Who Loved Children –  C. Stead (528 pg)
  20. Clayhanger – A. Bennett  (528 pg)



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  1. Nov 24 2018

    I loved loved loved Grand Days, Master and Commander & Swords and Crowns and Rings – all very different stories but wonderful engaging reads one and all. M&C does have a lot of naval talk, but the friendship that develops between Maturin & Jack is what makes this series zing.

    Grand Days is one of those books I adored beyond belief in my 20’s, felt ‘meh’ about in my 30’s but appreciated again in my 40’s…although I’m still to read the final book in the trilogy.

    Good luck – all of these books would be great company to curl up with on over your long, dark winter nights.


    • Nov 25 2018

      Bronaq, I just had to include some Australian classics!
      I always use your posts from a few years ago with Australian
      Awards…Jane Gleeson’s 50 best Aussie bookes or all the Aussie books
      you still want to read!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. J.E. Fountain
    Nov 24 2018

    I’ve got Oliver Twist on my list too (different number). Some good ones here.


    • Nov 25 2018

      It’s time to read some books I read in my high-school days!
      That was so long ago and I’m sure I will get much more out of
      the classics then I did then. Looking forward to Oliver Twist and Moby Dick!
      Not …War and Peace. Many say it is wonderfu…I just see the size of the book and I shiver!
      Any new challenges Joseph after completing your 100 novel list?
      Congrats…that was an achievement I folllowed closely!


  3. Nov 25 2018

    Great list of chunksters! I first read Moby-Dick last fall and loved it.


    • Nov 25 2018

      Thanks for your comment….I am looking forward to Moby DIck…there is so much in that book!



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