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November 11, 2018


#Classic Great Expectations

by N@ncy


Finished: 11.11.2018
Genre: novel ( 461 pg)
Rating: C-



  1. This book starts out fatigued and colorless.
  2. Joe the smithy and Mrs, Joe (Pip’s acerbic sister) flat characters.
  3. Limping convict Magwitch midst the muskets in the marsh
  4. …we know he will be a pivotal person in Pip’s life.
  5. Waiting for the Gothic parts of the book and Miss Havisham.
  6. But unfortunately cobwebs, a faded wedding dress and
  7. …clocks all stopped at 8:40 am do not a classic make.
  8. This book just missed something
  9. …it felt incomplete like:
  10. burger without a shake
  11. coffee without cake
  12. pie without the filling.
  13. I know Dickens can do better!


Last thoughts:

  1. The book got off to to a rough start.
  2. The audio book I was using was awful.
  3. I just could not read with
  4. …voices that kept screeching! (Mrs. Joe)
  5. Luckily accepts book exchanges.
  6. I would NOT recommend Great Expectations
  7. (narrator Matt Lucas) 2018.
  8. The best narrator is
  9. ….Simon Prebble’s version date 2011.
  10. Great Expectations
  11. Length: 18 hrs and 32 mins
  12. Unabridged


My Dickens template.

  1. Deaths : Mrs Joe Gargery (Pip’s sister) – Drummle (dies in an accident)- Miss Havershim  – Magwitch (in hospital)- Compeyson (drowns in Thames)
  2. Nicknames: Philip is called “Pip”, old chap, Handel and Wolf; Dummmle is called ‘Spider’. Whopsle takes a stagename as actor Waldengarver – Orlick called himself Dolge – Magwitch (Provis or Mr Campbell)  Mr. Barley (Clara’s father) nicknamed “GrufAndGrim”.
  3. Star crossed lovers: Estella  and Pip
  4. Little person (dwarf): None
  5. Little baby dies: None
  6. Prop:  (secret) letters sent from Pip to Wemmick; Miss Havisham to Pip – Wemmick to Pip (burn after reading!) – sent by Orlick to lure  Pip into an ambush – letter from Joe for Pip
  7. Eccentric but loving:  None (no great caricature like Mr. Micawber in DC)
  8. Lawyer: Mr Jaggers – confidential agent for others, all with secrets to be kept!
  9. Unrequited love: Miss Havershim….jilted by the altar by  her fiancé
  10. Profesional money lender: None
  11. Villian:   Dolge Orlick (murderer)
  12. Trusting and  naive girl: None
  13. Young lower class girl…reached a good position:  Estella, ( adopted by Miss H.)
  14. Marriage:  Biddy and Joe Gargery – Wemmick and Miss Stiffens – Clara and Herbert
  15. Simpleton….but very loving:  Mr. Joe Gargery
  16. Schoolmaster: Mr Matthew Pocket, Pip’s tutor (education always in Dickens’s novels)
  17. Fairy godmother:  Miss Havisham…but in a Gothic way
  18. ….unlike the lovable Aunt Betsey in DC.
  19. Dickens likes to toss shoes for luck: …as Pip leaves for London;
  20. …old shoe tossed …for  Barkis and Peggoty when they get married! (DC)
  21. What is a ‘toady neighbor?  Mrs. Coiler (flatterer; sycophant)
  22. Quirky names:
  23. Flopson:  nurse for the Pocket’s family… described as a non-commissioned officer
  24. Pumblechook…Dickens creates a new adjective
  25. ….”Pumblechookian parlour”   (beautifully decorated)
  26. Bentley Drummle:  who was so sulky a fellow that he even took up a book
  27. as if its writer had done him an injury.
  28. Georgiana:  indigestive single woman, who
  29. called her rigidity religion, and her liver love.
  30. Son caring for father:  Wemmick cares for his father (hard of hearing) “The Aged”
  31. Daughter caring for father: Clara Barley and her father ‘GrufAndGrim’ Barley.
  32. Theater: description of the hystrical amateur performance of Hamlet (ch 31)
  33. Friends for life: Herbert Pocket and Pip (…in DC it was Tommy Traddles and Davy)
  34. Pub: The Three Jolly Bargemen ….in DC it was The Six Jolly Fellowship Porters
  35. Strangest quote:
  36. Brag is a good dog, but Holdfast is a better.” (ch 18)
  37. What does  this mean?
  38. …it’s alright to talk big (brag) but it is better to act on
  39. …what you say and keep your word (holdfast).
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  1. Nov 15 2018

    I think I liked this one better than you did, but it’s been a long time since I read it. (It was my first Dickens.) Bleak House is probably my favorite of his. I’ll be rereading for my Classics Club list (eventually).


    • Nov 15 2018

      Bleak House is definitely better than this one…and is also MY favorite Dickens novel.
      I reviewed ….see post dated 25 March 2017.


  2. Nov 16 2018

    I’ve started this book several times in my twenties and thirties, but never got very far with it. I preferred David Copperfield and Tale of Two Cities and now Bleak House. Have never enjoyed the movie or TV versions either. Something about the old house and Mrs Haversham and all the manipulation that seems to be happening just puts me off.


    • Nov 17 2018

      It felt like Charles Dickens ‘phoned this book in’ to the publishers.
      His heart wasn’t in it as it was with David Copperfield.
      You could just feel Dickens’s soul in DC.

      Liked by 1 person


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