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November 6, 2018

Non-fiction: Pulitzer

by N@ncy


Trivia:  Portrait of Joseph Pulitzer by J. Singer Sargent

  1. …if cover one eye and you see a tyrant
  2. …cover the other eye you see a unhappy depressed man.
  3. Fascinating.


Finished: 06.11.2018
Genre: biography  (31 chapters, 463 pg)
Rating: C
  1. This book started slowly:
  2. emigration from Hungary odd jobs in USA and
  3. local politics in St. Louis Missouri.
  4. The narrative finally got interesting  in chapter 16
  5. …once Pulitzer became a newspaper mogul in NYC.
  6. Pulitzer was obsessed with control over his empire and literally
  7. worked himself to death.
  8. But what do you do with fame and fortune when your
  9. health problems lock you up in a gilded cage?
  10. #GoodButNotGreat


Last thoughts:
The most important lesson I learned?
The Pulitzer Formula:
Write a story so simply that anyone could read it
…and so colorfully that no one would forget it.
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