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November 4, 2018


#Classic David Copperfield

by N@ncy



  • This is one of the few covers NOT showing a small orphaned boy...David Copperfield
  • ….but the rook nests that surrounded his first home The Rookery.
  • Author: C. Dickens
  • Title: David Copperfield
  • Published: 1849


Finished: 04.11.2018
Genre: novel
Rating: A++++




  1. David Copperfield is the story of a young man’s adventures
  2. …on his journey from an unhappy and  impoverished childhood
  3. to his vocation as a successful novelist.
  4. David Copperfield—the novel he described as his “favorite child”.
  5. Dickens drew revealingly on his own experiences to create
  6. …one of his most popular works.
  7. It is filled with tragedy and comedy. (Mr. and Mrs Micawber!)


Literary device:  foreshadowing

  1. David is blind to the love that has been in front of him
  2. …since childhood, Agnes Wickfield.


Ch 35:  blindness – foreshadowing

  1. David Copperfield:
  2. “If I thought Dora could ever love me.
  3. …or ever love somebody else…I don’t know what I’d do
  4. — go out of my mind , I think.”
  5. Aunt Betsey:
  6. Shaking her head and smiling gravely: “Blind, blind, blind.
  7. Oh, Trot…blind, blind”
  8. David Copperfield: “…and without knowing why I felt a
  9. vague unhappy loss or
  10. ….want of  something overshadow me like a cloud.


Ch 58:  blindness – foreshadowing

  1. David Copperfield:
  2. “For many months I travelled with this ever-darkening cloud upon my mind.
  3. Some blind reasons that I had for NOT returning home…”


Ch 60:  blindness – foreshadowing

  1. David Copperfield…about to see Agnes after 3 years abroad
  2. “…for I could not be here once more and so near Agnes
  3. …without the revival of those regrets...”
  4. “Oh, Trot, I seemed to hear my aunt say once more;
  5. …and I understood her better now
  6. Blind, blind, blind.



  1. I want to read all of Charles Dickens’s novels the next 12 months.
  2. Having read Our Mutual Friend and David Copperfield in the last 8 weeks
  3. …I looked for the  similarities between the two novels.
  4. I seems Dickens has a ‘layout’ in his mind that he repeats!


David Copperfield:


  1. Deaths : Clara Copperfield (mother DC) – DC’s baby brother – Aunt Betsey’s estranged husband – Steerforth – Dora DC’s wife – Ham ( ex-love, devoted to Emily) – Mr. Barks (married to DC’s nurse Peggoty) – Mr Spenlow (Dora’s father)
  2. Star crossed lovers: Agnes Wickfield and David Copperfield
  3. Little person (dwarf) :   Miss Mowsher (Steerforth’s hairdresser)
  4. Little baby dies – DC’s baby brother
  5. Eccentric but loving:   DC’s great-aunt Aunt Betsey Trotwood  
  6. Daughter caring for father:  Miss Agnes and her father Mr Wickfield
  7. Lawyer: Tommy Traddels
  8. Unrequited love: Miss Rosa Dartle for Steerforth
  9. Money lending – greedy – corrupt:  Uriah Heep
  10. Villian:  Mr. Murdstone, Uriah Heep
  11. Trusting and  naive girl: Emily
  12. Young lower class girl…lives happily ever after:   Martha Endell (married)
  13. Marriage:
  14. Aunt Betsey (divorced)
  15. Annie Strong ( married to much older man)
  16. Dora (thinks she made a mistake marrying David Copperfield)
  17. Tommy Traddles nd Sophy (ultimate match)
  18. Mr. and Mr. Micawber (supports each other to the bitter end.)
  19. Simpleton….but very loving:  Mr Dick
  20. Schoolmaster: Mr Creakle (education included in Dickens’s novels)


Our Mutual Friend:


  1. Deaths: Betty Higden – baby Johnny (her great-grandson) – Jesse ‘Gaffer Hexam’ – “Mr Dolls” – Bradley Headstone – Rogue Riderhood – John Harmon (….presumed dead but is resurrected!)
  2. Star crossed lovers: Bella Wilfer and John Harmon (aka J. Rokesmith, J. Hanford)
  3. Little person (dwarf): Miss Jenny Wren the doll clothes maker
  4. Little baby dies –  Johnny (was to be adopted by Mrs Boffin)
  5. Eccentric but loving: – Mr. and Mrs Boffin
  6. Daughter caring for father:  Miss Wren and her alcoholic father “Mr. Dolls” – Lizzie Hexam and her poor ‘Gaffer’ Hexam (father) – Bella Wilfer always caring for her doting father Reginald ‘Rumpty’ Wilfer – Pleasant Riderhood and her abusive father Rogue Riderhood
  7. Lawyers: Mortimer Lightwood and Eugene Wrayburn
  8. Unrequited love:   Miss Peecher for Bradley Headstone
  9. Money lending – greedy – corrupt: – Mr. ‘Fascination’ Fledgby
  10. Villian – Bradley Headstone, Rogue Riderhood, Silas Wegg
  11. Trusting and naive girl:  Georgiana Podsnap
  12. Young lower class girl…lives happily ever after:   Lizzie Hexam (married)
  13. Marriage:
  14. ‘Rumpty’ Wilfer  (henpecked husband) –
  15. Lizzie  Hexam (woman desired in marriage by two men—>Headstone and Wrayburn) –
  16. Alfred and Sophronia Lammle (ultimate miss-match )
  17. Mr. and Mr. Boffin (support each other to the bitter end)
  18. Simpleton….but very loving: Sloppy
  19. Schoolmaster:  Bradley Headstone (education included in Dickens’s novels)



My notes on David Copperfield:

Ch 8/64: Oh, what a sad start in life…..but David Copperfield is loved
by his mother and nurse Peggotty. This book does not have the ‘comical’ tone as did Our Mutual Friend…but I’m sure there will be a few eccentric characters!

Ch 18/64: Call it insanity or intoxication…but three cheers for Aunt Betsy Trotwood as she call a spade a spade! “Mr Murdstone you are a tyrant…not get out of my house!” (…and take your sister with you!)

Ch 27/64: David Copperfield  has many nicknames:
my pet Davy (Peggoty) – Brooks of Sheffield (stepfather Mr. Murdstone) – Mr Copperfull (landlady) – Daisy (Steerforth) – Trot(wood) (Aunt Betsey) – Doady (wife, Dora)

Ch 37/64: Aunt Betsey has lost patience with Uriah Heep as he jerks about intolerably after receiving a compliment. Aunt Betsey wins the prize for quote of the day:
“Deuce take the man….what’s he about? Don’t be so galvanic , sir!

Ch 44/64:
The ‘child-wife’ Dora …housekeeping books, servants and meals are all
In chaos..but David Copperfield is deeply in love. Aunt Betsey tells Copperfield….be patient, marriage takes time….and remember Rome was not built in a day.

Ch 57/64: Micawber is hysterical. “…I am tossed in all directions by the elephants — I beg your pardon; I should have said the elements!”


Last thoughts:

  1. I loved it!
  2. I must advise the reader to listen to
  3. …the audio book  narrated by R. Armitage
  4. produced by (2016)
  5. I read the book  while listening to
  6. …the most wonderful voices:
  7. feisty Scottish accent of Aunt Betsey Trotwood
  8. swarthy seaman’s sound of Mr. Peggoty
  9. asthmatic wheezing  of Mr Omer the undertaker and coffin maker
  10. snidely, supercilious sneers of Uriah Heep
  11. and last but not least the grandiloquent Mr. Micawber!
  12. #Classic
  13. #MustRead!


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6 Comments Post a comment
  1. Nov 4 2018

    My second favourite Dickens novel ( bettered only by Tale of Two Cities for me!). Haven’t listened to audiobook version though so will look out for that.


    • Nov 4 2018

      Col, this is a perfect audio book for lazy winter walks (…in your case with a very literary dog!).
      I must re-read Tale of Two Cities …I read in high-school and at that point I was a literary ignoramus!


  2. I really enjoyed this Dickens too! Somehow it didn’t feel like it dragged like some of his other novels. A rival for my favourite. I love your cover as well!


    • Nov 5 2018

      This was a great novel..right down to the very moving last 4 chapters.
      I was sad that the book ended! I’ve been looking at you blog for some great reading ideas for 2019. Reading England (2015) you have a great list of books I can read!


  3. Nov 16 2018

    I read both this and Tale of two Cities in my early twenties. It was during my uni years when I used to do babysitting for family friends. Sitting up into the wee hours of the morning, Dickens would keep me company, after the TV shows finished (back in the day when it stopped televising at midnight!)
    They are both my favourite Dickens, although Bleak House is up there now too 🙂

    I’d love to reread them one day to see if they hold up in my memory.


    • Nov 17 2018

      David Copperfield went beyond my ‘Great Expectatons”!
      Every subplot was interesting and the voices on the audio book
      were super…especially Uriah Heep and the asthmatic wheezing of Mr Omer.
      Absolutely a delight to read/listen to!

      Liked by 1 person


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