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October 21, 2018


#Classic Our Mutual Friend

by N@ncy

  • Author: C. Dickens
  • Title: Our Mutual Friend
  • Published: 1864


Finished: 21.10.2018
Genre: novel
Rating: A++


  1. This book contains some of Dickens’s favorite issues:
  2. marriage plots:
  3. “…sold into the wretchedness for life!” (Sophronia Lammle)
  4. the crossing of borders between social classes: (Podsnappery)
  5. the renunciation of property to become truly happy:
  6. “O, make me poor again, somebody I pray and beg
  7. …or my heart will break if this goes on.”(Bella Wilfer)
  8. Classic that will not disappoint!


My notes:


August 30, 2018 –
page 70
Only Dickens could think of this one: Mrs. Podsnap (pg 21)
“…neck and nostrils like a rocking-horse.”


September 5, 2018 –
page 100
Yesterday I took Charles Dickens to the gym….(train commute) and he brought along some friends: Mrs Abbey Potterson …owner of the bar the Six Jolly Fellowship Porters… Mr Venus the local taxidermist in love…but his girlfriend wants nothing with the ‘boney light’. Mr Boffin is the jovial illiterate heir to the Harmon fortune. This is a delightful classic.


September 6, 2018 –
page 200
Ch11: When I read this I had to think of the leader of the Free World … in the White House! One of the funniest of Dickens’ characters
“Mr. Podsnap”! He is the epitome insular complacency and blinkered self-satisfaction.
Motto: “I don’t want to know it; I don’t choose to discuss it; I don’t admit it;”
Gesture: with the flourish of the arm, a flush of the face problems are swept away!



September 17, 2018 –
page 380
Daily reading chapters with my morning coffee…
finally a pivotal chapter in which the reader
is let in on the secret! “A Solo and a Duet”


October 2, 2018 –
page 484
The compulsive powers of plotting in Dickens Our Mutual Friend is its strongest resource. Two blackmail attemps (Ridderhood and Wegg)…and laying hidden clues…why does Noddy Boffin want books about misers?


October 5, 2018 –
page 580
Dickens is a master of portraying emotions and setting the mood for delicate death scenes. Today we had to say goodbye to Mrs. Betty Higden.


October 19, 2018 –
page 615
Starting book 4 …just 186 more pages and
hope to finish this tomorrow!
Love the character’s nicknames:
Fascination Fledgeby – Golden Dustman – R.W. – ‘the cherub’ – Mr Dolls – Sloppy.


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  1. Oct 21 2018

    This is a perfect book to read over the course of a few weeks or months.
    I took in on my train commute and sometimes I was with the comical Mr. & Mrs Boffin
    ….the next chapter with the local snobs ‘the podsnappery’.
    It was a wonderful read….that many lovers of Dickens seem to overlook!


  2. Oct 22 2018

    I wasn’t looking forward to this Dickens but thanks to your review, I’m now excited to read it! I have to finish Bleak House first though.


    • Oct 22 2018

      Bleak House is another favorite of mine.
      I would like to read all books by Dickens….at the moment I’ve read 7 of his works.
      The best way to read Dickens(for me…)
      Listen to audio book b/c I love the different voices and I read
      along with the e-book text.



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